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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Yeah, it's following the exact same retailers as the one Kacey Musgraves vinyl variant. So judging by that, it'll probably be JPC in Germany.
  2. we’ll get Gold + Rock Me + the 2 new songs
  3. After what Björn said, I hope Under Attack will be in the setlist....
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  4. And now you see another me
    I've been reloaded
    I'm fired up

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  5. So far, they aren't saying about this new album being "final" or the "last time". Maybe we'll have a Shania Twain scenario where this comeback gives them new inspiration and this is just the beginning of more music. Fingers crossed!

    Just the fact we're getting a new album is a miracle in itself.
  6. Gives me hope that too.
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  7. Not managed to order anything yet -_- everytime I add anything to my basket it crashes
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  8. I was on the wine by 4pm oops, did my best to throw the first piano version on youtube in a tipsy haze!

  9. I expect a deluxe edition in May when the show opens with a few more songs (Just Like That!)
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  10. Glad I got my copy of the Agentha CD when I did! Want more of course, but gotta be good!!
  11. Hello Any idea on Concert ticket price ??

    I'm afraid it will cost a lot !!
  12. Don't shut me down is that gurl...that sudden ending.
    I'm shaking!!

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  13. I can't believe this is real. Better than I ever could have hoped for.
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  14. I'm blown away at how good the two songs are.
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  15. Well I was born like 4/5 years after their "last" release. And I feel totally emotional, like I myself have been waiting since 1982 for this release. They totally just unpaused didn't they?
  16. Prices start from £22
  17. Amazon, make it happen!
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  18. we all do
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