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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. I got Block K row M £21.00 ea in June (a Monday). The GA tickets were platinum packages with hotels and stuff included.
  2. Have they sold out. It’s told me twice they aren’t available anymore for the promotion.
  3. Lmao it took me to checkout twice and then kicked me out

    lemme try later
  4. It looks like the £20 ones are only for weekdays, the cheapest Saturday ones were around £44 each after booking fees.
  5. I've had tickets in my basket 4 times and each time I've gone through checkout I get the message "There are no more tickets available for this promotion". When I go back to the ticket page almost all of the tickets are still available. So frustrating. I guess I'm not getting tickets this morning.
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  6. After seeing the prices, I've decided to wait for opening night and reviews. I wasn't planning to spend this much on a hologram show.
  7. I got that too 5 times, but I tried with a different code (the one my mum was sent) and it went through, so it’s like some of the codes they sent out don’t work?
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  8. Just my luck!

    Anyone got a code they aren't using??
  9. PMed you
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  10. I give up for now, kept getting kicked out at checkout. Will try again at some point next year or in 2025 I guess
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  11. This is happening to me too. It's even authorised my card twice, only to come back with that message...flummoxed...
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  12. Same here! This is why I hate buying tickets.
  13. I managed front row of block C, for June 20th. I splurged as that will be when I turn 50. (Old cig)
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  14. They'll so announce a year of dates once these sell... don't worry
    s, you will all go.
  15. The gorgeous @Vasilios sent me another code and that hasn't worked either so I think I'm giving up for today. So many seats available on the date I want and can't get any of them.
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  16. Maybe it's many people trying for the same seats. I'd definitely try in a few hours again if I were you.
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  17. Yep I’ve been getting those over and over again
  18. Not to go all local and say "Ticketmaster is the problem!11!!" but it lets me progress through the entire process and is "securing my tickets", only to say there are no more available. Then go back and you can select the same tickets, the whole process again. A mess.
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  19. Do the dance booths have to be booked in full? (44 tickets at once?)
  20. Yep, exactly the same happening for me.

    I've just sent a message to support that was listed in the email if you had a problem with your code, only to get the response that their operating hours are M-F 9-5. Not that I'm surprised but the presale will be over by then. So shady.
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