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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. I managed to get general admission for opening night but tickets were £70 odd!! I decided to go for it on the basis Abba might be there in person. Queue started at 4000 and I was in it for half an hour. I didn’t want general admission but everytime I selected seats that were apparently available I was told they weren’t.
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  2. I tried again with a second code that we had here, and managed to get my tickets through finally. I have no idea whether it was the code or Ticketmaster's system, but I managed to get opening night General Admission so I hope it works for you!
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  3. Ticketmasters system is ridiculous.
    You don’t get a nickname like “ticketbastard” for nothing
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  4. For some reason it tells me 'there are no more tickets available for your promotion', as if I had been able to successfully use it once. If anyone miraculously has a spare code, let me know :(
  5. So pleased for you that you got your tickets! I'm trying a different date as a last ditch attempt and then I'll give up until later.
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  6. Booked for just before my anniversary next year. I was something like 1850th in the queue and I got through no problem. Then spent a good 20 minutes exploring my options and discussing it with the other half and still had no trouble getting them.

    A little bit freaked at how much I just spent to see holograms (also £2.95 each for an actual physical souvenir ticket is well worth it, especially if they're anything like the incredible ones I have for Celine Dion)

    So yeah.... I've got them but I'm not mad excited yet? We're about to move from England to Northern Ireland on Wednesday, major stress and expense. And my fiancé has an interview for a new job there tomorrow. We'll see how that goes haha. I suppose I know I can always cancel them and get it refunded.

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  7. Every single bloody thing I click on, it's saying 'these aren't available right now'. Well why show them as available then???
  8. Same here. And the calendar is showing good availability for all dates. Very irritating. I've got as far as paying twice only to be told that the tickets don't exist.
  9. First time it went right through to buy now and then said the tickets were no longer available. Since then I just get the 'no tickets left in this promotion' message, which makes me think they counted that first failure as a use of the code. Will try another time but what a waste of an hour!
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  10. It is seriously frustrating! And I've been on two dates now where there's supposedly plenty of availability. I'm endlessly trying every option only to be told 'can't reserve your seats right now' until that date is no longer available and the whole process begins again! What on earth!!
  11. Feel very lucky to say got tickets for my boyfriend and I, although took at least 10 attempts to finally get in, going at the end of July, very happy right now. Hope everyone is able get tickets.
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  12. Oh that must be it, the same thing happened to me, the promotion message only appeared after a first failed attempt! That’s annoying.
  13. Can the codes only be used once?
  14. seems so. And it seems that even if you validated it but weren't able to go through with the transaction, that's it - you had your chance. Infuriating.
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  15. I wish I could go to this, but the expense of going to London and then finding accommodation is a bit much. Maybe in a few months.
  16. Just remember folks, not ALL of the tickets are available in the pre-sale. There’s another pre-sale tomorrow and general sale on Tuesday yet
  17. It sure is, I mean, it lets us unlock the tickets available and keeps showing the 'can't give you tickets right now message' ... I'd have thought if they were use once only, that'd be made clear or you'd not be able to get in twice!?!
  18. I've read the pre-sale code will work until you actually get tickets.

    I'm giving up. The system is useless - can't understand why it shows dates/options which don't exist.
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  19. When IS opening night?
  20. Yeah, I'm giving up too - that has been a thoroughly frustrating 90 minutes.
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