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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. 27th May, though there are some exclusive ABBA fan club previews a few weeks before
  2. Don't give up! After endless tries, with the same problem you had, it finally let me purchase!
  3. I thought I'd give it one more go - and succeeded. I think I now need an Abba-esque hologram or whatever it is to remove the 45 years I've aged in the process.
  4. Yes, well worth it to keep on trying I think.
  5. Now I need Kylie to announce her tour so I will have two reasons to visit London
  6. Yes the same has worked for me. I tried about 10 times and finally got tickets for my Birthday next year!
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  7. Booked for Saturday evening 23rd July. Woo!
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  8. I don't quite know what happened, but I just full on cried when the 2nd chorus of Don't Shut Me Down came barrelling into my ears. That has never, ever happened to me before. That is pure magic.
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  9. Fair play - thanks - was that endless tries with same or different dates? I'm on fourth date attempt and still no luck. I did happily get tickets straight away for the second night, but am looking to go twice with different groups hence why I thought the code may work only once - it keeps unlocking the tickets but that's as far as I get!
  10. Written this out for people so they know what to expect. Please know that prices vary. This is for a Monday in August.

    Weekend shows - the cheapest seats more than double to £43

    Block F-K Back - £21
    Block F-K Near Back - £31.95
    Block F-K Middle - £49.50
    Block F-K Middle with Aisle Seating Premium - £60.50
    Block F-K Near Front - £71.50
    Block F-K Near Front with Aisle Seating Premium - £82.50
    Block F-K Front Few Rows - £86.95
    Block F-K Front Few Rows Aisle Premium - £97
    Block A&E - £86.95
    Block B, C & D - £97
    Block H - £97

    Platinum Tickets
    Block H Front Rows - £120-£150
    Block C Front Rows - £160-170

    Dance Booth Tickets - £143

    General Admission + 3* Hotel - £142.45
    General Admission + 4* Hotel - £160.45-£230
    General Admission + 5* Hotel - £260.45
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  11. Somethings going on is patchy for me, not that many good songs apart from the title really, (which is amazing!) Shine is the better album, no filler and she sounds great … and Slowly is maybe the last ABBA song of that era, and gorgeous. I've always thought of that song as a sequel to When all is said and done..
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  12. Got my tickets

    opening night was chocka so see you girls on the Saturday xx
  13. Opening night will be worth every ounce of hassle if the girlies turn up even for a red carpet run. I really do think they will so a press/media preview show prior to opening night though
  14. this is such a lovely post .. made me all emotional
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  15. Anyone who gave up, try again now - my code that said 'no more tickets in this promotion' just went through after giving up ages ago!
  16. Same here...I'm not normally reduced to tears by songs but that particular moment as the second chorus kicks in, with all the harmonies, gets me every time
  17. It's absolutely exquisite. God I love them so much.
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  18. What do we think they'll do on opening night? Are we expecting a cute 'sit down and watch the show and wave to the crowd' moment or would they go on stage?
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  19. All you lucky folk who are able to travel to see this in London. Meanwhile, New Zealand will be locked down until the end of time and I'll never escape.
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