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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Have faith. It’ll get better.
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  2. General Admissions seemed to suddenly be available so got some GA tickets for Saturday July 9th!
  3. If all 4 are in attendance, I suspect we will get a stage appearance. Bjorn will have a bit of a speech and with some “thank you’s” from the ladies.

    Possibly similar to when Frida, Benny & Bjorn appeared at the 10th anniversary of Mamma Mia in London
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  4. I managed to get tickets after about 15 attempts.
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  5. I was just thinking how amazing it would be to see this in a specially organised Dance Booth with the whole of the PJ Forum hehe fun indeed
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  6. Someone would die
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  7. I was trying different dates the whole time in various browsers. Eventually got tickets for the second show. I was aiming for opening night, but in the end I don't mind as the whole point was to take a friend whose birthday is the day of the second show...
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  8. Finally sorted! 28th May and 11th June. Quite a frustrating experience but all that will be forgotten when I'm up there in a Voulez-Vous frenzy etc.

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  9. Aww, seriously one of their best ever songs.
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  10. I'm sure this was posted but I only just watched this and someone else might have missed it –
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  11. Didn't see this too, so thanks for the link.
  12. Yeah tickets are now available for pretty much all dates and all categories, bar opening night. Go get if you haven't.
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  13. I see that I Have Faith in You has already gone Top 10 in the UK!
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  14. Not officially. That won't be announced until Friday. The first chart update for this week is tonight, and they're very likely to be either top 5 with Drake's 3 eligible tracks, or certainly both top 10. But the first update has lots of missing data, so the picture will change as the week goes on.

    They'll do really well to get top 10 in this climate, but it's definitely doable.

    EDIT: I forgot it went top 10 on Friday's sales only chart, after 6 hours of sales. Which is incredible (even though it only accounts to around 1k downloads). I'm still optimistic it'll nudge top 5 overall this week. With Don't Shut Me Down right behind it.
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  15. The amount of people who don't realise it isn't actually ABBA on tour is terrifying.

    So many of my friends have said "Oh what a good price I'm going to book tickets" And they've openly admitted they would have just blindly booked them without even reading about it.

    And this is people who knew about the avatars and have even seen and commented on the avatars?

    I wonder if there's going to be a load of drama in the coming weeks?
    Imagine people who somehow still don't know right up until the day they go and they're expecting the real members to come out on stage haha
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  16. Might be a stupid question but will the earlier shows have a "new"/"extra" allocation for the pre-sale tomorrow morning, or is this it?
  17. People will be thinking they’ve aged incredibly well!
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  18. I've seen a lot of comments on my Facebook from people who clearly do not understand what is happening. I'm absolutely positive there'll be thousands of people buying up these tickets that are going to be confused and potentially pretty disappointed.
  19. Without being cruel, there's no accounting for ignorance - if people can't read the first paragraph on the website where it explicitly says "digital versions", then tough.
  20. If the pandemic has shown us anything, it's the sheer amount of spectacular idiots out there. I actually have little doubt that there will be some people who'll sit through the entire show and come away thinking they've seen the real ABBA.
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