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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Pre-sale is happening! Just bought general admission tickets for my birthday in June! So excited! Flying from Canada for it! Hope to see you all there :)
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  2. I'm pretty sure I've heard Agnetha saying they don't enjoy watching footage of their live shows because they didn't have a choreographer or planned dance routines and they think it comes over amateurish.
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  3. They always were perfectionists and careful with that they've released, otherwise Björn and Benny would have already emptied the vaults by now.
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  5. Okay but how good does that sound? IKEA beds are amazingly comfy, I rarely leave mine as it is.
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  7. Sometimes the charm they had in their performances was precisely their naturalness.
  8. That's quite a good line though, I must admit.
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  9. Don’t Shut Me Down has been added to Spotify’s U.K. Hot Hits playlist which is pretty incredible for an act of their vintage.
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  10. that's one thing I loved about their live performances
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  11. it’s such an instant banger though.

    it sounds incredible playing it off the CD on Bose headphones. You can really hear everything that’s going on. That second chorus in particular is just euphoric.
  12. Ok totally ignorant question. I know they have different recording techniques when it comes to recording their vocals. In I Still Have Faith You, it's obviously Frida led until Agnetha comes into the chorus. However in the verses there is an obvious harmony singing along with Frida. It doesn't sound like a doubling but a different take of Frida singing or is that Agnetha singing underneath her?
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  13. I think Frida’s voice is double tracked in the traditional ABBA technique of recording the lead vocal twice and adjusting the speed of the second take, but Agnetha’s harmony is only on one track, and weaves in and out. At times she’s singing the lower part and then sings the higher part.
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  14. You've tempted me into buying both CD singles. £12 for the pair, but heck this is pop history.
  15. Are they one track apiece?
  16. We love to see 16 year old baby gays discovering ABBA!
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  17. I don't think the intention is to move it around, that's why they built the custom-made theatre - Benny and Bjorn said so in the promo video.
    I will be travelling from Berlin to London to see it.
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  18. It looks like it. Ridiculous of course, but so is the prospect of new ABBA singles on CD in 2021!
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