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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. I’m not usually a fan of reaction videos at all, normally they’re a pointless waste of time but this guys reaction is brilliant

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  2. @AcerBenII's point was that this is not what the CDs look like in real life
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  3. Yes, click on More images on the Discogs page.

    A press statement for the band has revealed that Voyage has received over 80,000 pre-orders in the UK alone since Friday, a new record for their long-time label Universal Music UK. This overtakes the previous record-setters Take That with their albums Progress and III. Released under Universal imprint Polydor, Voyage will be available on Friday November 5.

    I'm sure Polydor are delighted to be described as an "imprint".
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  5. Is 80k already the highest UK sales week of the year?

    In three days, with pre-orders only. Whew.
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  6. That's a bit naughty. It looks like you're buying the slim jewel boxes, with inserts.
  7. *Popjustice members preorder 79,867 copies of new ABBA album in just 3 days.
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  8. 80,000 preorders is crazy, I guess we’re looking at at least 200k first week which is insane for an album in 2021. I’m really curious to see how the Ed preorders are looking.
  9. In other news Spotify just launched into Summer Night City after Don't shut me down.

    I'm dead!


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  11. Wow.
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  12. A true PopJustice!
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  13. DEAD.
  14. Luc


    Can't wait to see the residency first numbers on reservations - sold out nights, etc.

    They are crushing every record!
  15. apart from achieving their 10th UK #1 single
  16. A fellow Berlin member? Hi!

    Still thinking about going. I am not in a hurry I might as well wait until everything slows down and make it a Christmas shopping 2022 thing. Enjoy the city, see some ABBA, get in the Christmas spirit. Lovely.
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  17. Still only 10 behind Westlife.
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