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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by The Visitor, Jan 13, 2010.


    Anyone going? I'm planning to live there for a few months.

    Interesting to hear Brian Higgins give them some love. Call The Shots is definitely ABBA inspired, which is probably why it's my favourite song of the last decade.
  2. I went to an ABBA record fair in Brighton about 3 years ago and spent too much, so I might actively avoid this...
  3. I went yesterday. Great for serious fans but at £22 way too pricey for anyone else. The shop was full of ill-advised stuff that no-one would want to buy (scarves, tea trays, aprons) but no badges, a few poorly designed postcards and no attractive posters. A real merchandising failure. The exhibition itself is well will love it.
  4. I'm going in two weeks time. It is a bit pricey. Gutted the merchandise is crap. Did you go to the Kylie exhibition at the V and A the other year? How does it compare to that?
  5. never did the Kylie V&A exhibition so can't compare, I'm afraid. I'd give ABBAWorld 8 out of 10...
  6. I wish I was in London! I want to go so bad! I'm surprised that the merchandise is crap. It would have been awesome if they had the ABBA bobbleheads for sale!
  7. I'm going shortly, and yes, it does seem very overpriced. I shall probably make a gigantic tit of myself by getting overexcited at the exhibits.

    Is it wrong that I got quite excited at the prospect of an ABBA tea tray?
  8. Not at all if it was plastered with images of Agnetha and Frida...these are just covered with the words 'ABBA' over and over. As is most of the merchandise, I'm afraid. And to think I once owned a bar of ABBA soap that I threw away!!
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