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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. This is amazing news. Plus, I'm sure they'll finally get round to finishing Just Like That now, yes? YES?!
  2. I would die if one of the songs was a finished Just Like That. It has to be my holy grail of unreleased pop!
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  3. So, which album set is getting rereleased to include the new songs and when are we all buying it?
  4. Unearthed: Yet Still More Gold hitting the shelves in December!
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  5. Just Like That being the other "new" song would be a dream come true but I doubt that it will be. Either way, two new ABBA songs in 2018 has me absolutely perched.
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  6. We all know it's gonna be the 458th edition of ABBA Gold, they want that 'best selling album ever in the UK' accolade.
  7. Awesome news.
  8. Amazing news.

    And "performed by our digital selves".

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  9. Okay, if anyone had 'ABBA being the #1 trending topic worldwide on twitter' in their 2018 bingo card, I'm calling shenanigans.
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  10. I’d listen to Agnetha and Frida sing anything, especially together, so I’m really excited about this.
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  11. I hope the Fridatron 3000 becomes sentient and takes over the world.
  12. I hope it will feature Frida and Agnetha on vocals equally, and not just one of them on lead.... their harmonies are divine!
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  13. OH MY GOD. I just woke up, already on a high from listening to Janelle Monae's new album and anticipating watching the emotion picture today, but this has OBLITERATED ME! Put me in a medically induced coma and wake me in December because NOTHING else this year matters! This is what I have been waiting for my ENTIRE life. I am beyond excited.
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  14. OH.


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  15. Mama mia, here we go again.
  16. WOW
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  17. Time to move this thread back into the main forum.
  18. With a new hairstyle every day. I wouldnt have to think twice before declaring the Fridatron 3000 our eternal leader. Enslave me, icon.
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  19. If B&B refuse to release it then I say they give it to Steps for Still Crying On The Dancefloor. The world needs the original version and not that dreadful Gemini interpretation.
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  20. LTG


    The real gag will be if Benny and Björn do the lead vocals.
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