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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. But the original is an Agnetha-solo-vehicle and I really like Frida to be in the spotlight aswell. So maybe they should rework and release it aswell!

    So excited that two new songs were recorded!
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  2. Having only just discovered this news I'm equally excited and filled with trepidation. It's bad enough when bands or singers I like come back after a few years away (Blur, Suede, Lush), thankfully all have been terrific.

    But Abba after all this time? I've just been listening to 'Arrival' on drive home, and it's a very high bar they've set themselves when you think of their back catalogue...
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  3. If the new stuff is a strong as something like Story of a Heart I will be very happy!
  4. B&B are notorious perfectionists. If they didn't think the material was up to scratch then they wouldn't release it. I have every faith in them and in our holy queens that these new songs are going to rip every single follicle from our bodies and leave us bleeding and crying for more.
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  6. Fuck. Could you imagine Frida and Agnetha singing lead on I Know Him So Well?
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  7. Oh, yes, I have imagined this so many times since its release!
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  8. GREAT to see Frida! She's had this hairstyle for quite a bit now, hasn't she?
  9. "Ann-Frid Lyngstadt"
    Arturo, sweetie...
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  10. I know I'm not the only one who's not happy about this decision. The only way this will not tarnish their unprecedented and impeccable legacy (bar the idiot "guilty pleasure" comment) is if these tracks are stellar in quality and get to number one in at least half of the world.
    And given the struggle of some stellar acts to achieve this feat in this day and age, I'm worried.
    I am looking forward to being shut up for good by them though.
    Also happy to have been able to get my hands on the elusive Summer Night City splatter 7"!
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  11. Don't Shut Me Down is an interesting song title. Looking forward to hearing the new stuff and its already been said but I too can't imagine the high bar they've always maintained being lowered for their first new recordings in decades. I'd place my bets on ABBA being Xmas #1 this year (singles / album charts or both).
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  12. I was talking to my (straight male and female) friends at work about the new songs the other day. They're optimistic but a bit sceptical. I hope ABBA still have that magic touch.
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  13. This won't tarnish their legacy - this is something they wanted to do. They are one of the most successful bands of all time, two new songs that may not reach their previous high standards won't undo almost 45 years of impact and success.
  14. It's a risk. And, when making new music, many "heritage" acts these days seem to opt for creating a passable facsimile of their most acclaimed type of sound. I suppose that all started with the Beatles' Free As A Bird, although arguably it's a little different since all of ABBA are alive so there's no need to dig up dusty demo tapes....but did the two new songs for Anthology really do anything to enhance the Beatles legacy (once the novelty of something new by them had quickly worn off)....the longer ABBA have left it, the more they insisted that it would never happen, the greater the expectation has become. Could they honestly ever get close to satisfying us? It'll probably end up as a footnote to their Wikipedia entry (.....and in 2018, after decades of rumours, the band recorded a couple of new songs for an interactive tour project) and that's all.

    I won't treat it as a comeback, it's been too long and much as it makes me feel a bit old myself to say it, they are all in their late 60s or early 70s. Maybe it's a final parting gift, something they couldn't resist for whatever reason (money, attention, creative restlessness, who really knows). It did seem that ABBA would be one of the very few acts to actually say never again, and leave their catalogue exactly as it was, but I'll be as curious to hear the new stuff as anyone.
  15. I really do believe that they wouldnt be releasing new music if they didn't believe it was up to their high standards. After all, B&B are renowned for their high standards when it comes to their imperial phase output (I Have A Dream being the exception!) and I can't see Agnetha being lured from her island for something sub-par.

    I do hope Frida gets to have another iconique Come To Me (I Am Woman) moment.
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  16. When I think of them, it's of their 70's joyousness or the bittersweet melancholy. I try to ignore those album moments where they went a bit 'musical show tune'.

    And I guess it's the idea that what we may get will be in keeping with latter that worries me.
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  17. ABBA are releasing two new songs in 2018. How can anyone complain about that?!
  18. This is PopJustice. I'm sure somebody will have a rude comment about the idea at some point ha ha!

    Does anyone know if Summer Night City was ever released on a 12' vinyl. I would love to frame one!
  19. I thought that it was a 7'?
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