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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Hmm that hole does look a bit big for a 12" (oh lordy!)
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  2. SHRIEK!

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  4. Oh so now that I'm officially a fan I get to experience a new release. Amazing.
  5. It's incredibly exciting!
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  6. I'd love it if they'd resurrect this (from 01:08):

    What an amazing melody - could be it became I Have a Dream from the bassline though.
  7. That one was resurrected by Benny on his 1987 album:

  8. This is so extra and I am here for it. Although Ceilia Imrie, gurl.
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  9. Our Last Summer is THAT track from Super Trouper. When that guitar solo comes in i'm like:

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  10. I used to hate Our Last Summer. Now I quite like it.
  11. Pictures of ABBA in the studio together!
  12. This is a disgrace in half a dozen different ways.

    I love it.
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  13. People of Popjustice, I need your help. I'm trying to find the gif of Frida bopping in the Bang-a-Boomerang video that was going around a few months ago.
  14. [​IMG]
    Is that it?
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  15. Thank you!
  16. Frida's bopping was always a little more out there than Agnetha's....
  17. I had to zoom in, Agnetha has aged so well!
  18. She really has!
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