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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. A real treasure box, obviously!
  2. Watching it transfer there are advert breaks with commercials for the new Renault 21 “from £7,500” (!) and the Bee Gees ESP album, so am pretty sure it was 1987.
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  3. It's up!

  4. I’ve never actually read that book, but I remember seeing it on the shelves a lot back in the day.

    Really the 2 essential ABBA books that anybody could ever need are Bright Lights, Dark Shadows and The Complete Recording Sessions - Revised & Expanded. Unfortunately the latter is now out of print and only available as an e-book directly from the author’s website
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  5. That Badedas commercial!!
  6. AMAZING thank you.

    I hope you don’t mind, I sent it onto a friend who is admin on the ABBAtalk group so he can share it :)
  7. Sure.

    It’s already been blocked in Japan because it contains The Hepstars’ Sunny Girl!?
  8. It never ceases to amazes me that the Ulvaeus-Anderson partnership and related self penned material was such a smash in Japan, of all places, when success eluded them locally for so many years!

    “She’s My Kind Of Girl” isn’t even an ABBA song but was included on the Ring Ring album because it was a #1 Japan!!!
  9. What a guilty pleasure this truly is.
  10. Yeah but how much for the turbo?
  11. The teasing continues:

    That's 'three new singles' which are 'fantastic'.

    And I'm sure we will enjoy them when they are released in 2035.

  12. I
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  13. Looking elsewhere he actually said three OF the new ABBA songs.

    I knew it. I fucking knew it.
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  14. We won’t get this until at least 2050.
  15. June 1st 2022 is the 50th Anniversary of the first single from Ring Ring, so that wouldn’t surprise me at all. They missed the 50th Anniversary of their debut single (not that anyone knows it, except the Japanese apparently, it sold half a million copies two years after release over there for some reason), that was this March
  16. That was “She’s My Kind of Girl”. It’s actually a Bjorn & Benny song, Agnetha & Frida don’t feature on it at all. It was tacked onto the international release of “Ring Ring” in place of the Swedish language version of the title track.

    Their debut single, as a 4 some, was “People Need Love” in 1972.

    The first release to use the ABBA name was the first U.K. Epic release of “Ring Ring”, which failed to chart.
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  17. I remember getting Ring Ring bizarrely through this 1988 comp:
    Sides 1 and 3 were ABBA Live album (sans the 3 'bonus' tracks from the CD version); Sides 2 and 4 were Ring Ring without She's My Kind of Girl.

    I was so happy finding all these titles I'd never even heard of. Then I heard I Saw it in the Mirror and wanted to die.
  18. I just spat my drink out reading that!!

    That has to take the biscuit for the strangest 80’s compilation release. But I get why it was done since both “ABBA Live” and “Ring Ring” weren’t released in the U.K. at the time. In hindsight, it was probably a big deal for a fan in 1988 but is now completely pointless.

    “I Saw It In The Mirror” truly is dire, but there are a handful of solid tracks on their debut, especially the title track.

    I have to admit though it’s the only studio album of there’s that I never listen to in full.
  19. The Collection (vol 1) was a great album though.

    Six number ones, then six top 10 hits, then six 'flops', then six album tracks. Such a great overview.
  20. Just had a look - not a bad selection at all.

    The 80’s compilations I’ve hung onto are :

    The Hits
    The Hits 2
    The Hits 3
    The Love Songs
    From ABBA With Love
    ABBA international
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