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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. I had all of those bar From ABBA with Love but sold a lot as a bundle as CDs came around with better remastering etc, they were never leaving their box.

    I had an American one called I Love ABBA that started with Cassandra and Should I Laugh or Cry, cheapo ones called The Name of the Game and The Music Still Goes On. The sheer number of budget label comps is huge!

    The Hits/Love Songs through Pickwick were a little bit strange - leaving Under Attack and So Long off the former and then using them as the remaining 'hits' for The Love Songs was ...a choice.
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  2. some of those early Polydor CD’s have better mastering than on any of the remasters. I’ve hung onto my original silver faced polydors and the Pickwick CD’s because the mastering is so good. The version of “Super Trouper” from The Hits and “Eagle” from The Hits 2 are the best I’ve ever heard. Between the bizarre Polydor compilations and the Pickwick CD’s, I have all the b-sides and rare tracks in unremastered form.

    The only remasters that I thought were any good were the deluxe editions of “Ring Ring”, “Waterloo” and “ABBA”.

    I think I have The Music Still Goes On. That one is most definitely all over the place. A Spectrum release I believe, which was PolyGram’s budget label.

    Again a side effect of Stig’s licensing arrangement was the bombardment of weird compilations that came out. There is 2 CD Polydor set that’s title has escaped me, but it’s purely because of that release that Greatest Hits was the only official ABBA release not available on CD.
  3. I wish there was a studio version of The Way Old Friends Do. The recording we have is amazing but I'd love to hear how they originally intended it.

    I wonder if there'd have been more lyrics if it had actually been recorded, as opposed to the same 11 lines being repeated twice.
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  4. Who is this Agnetha stand-in? A friend of a band?

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  5. Why do I find this so funny? Some random woman singing awkwardly with ABBA, with a grimace on her face indicating she'd like to be anywhere else in the world but there.
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  6. I actually love that 'The Way Old Friends Do' is a short folksy accordion number and not a full-blown production. I would of course have loved to hear a studio version with more verses, but I think it's perfect the way it is, and my belief has always been that it never was meant to be more than just that. I could of course be wrong about that.
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  7. [/QUOTE]

    As I am informed, this is a friend of Frida covering for Agnetha because of being pregnant and there have been some kind of problems.
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  8. ABBA were the first band I got into as a child (and I can just about remember new ABBA LPs coming out, my first being Super Trouper - couldn’t wait for my dad to get home from work that evening!). They’re still one of my faves, but as an adult I find they are so emotionally on-the-nose (especially mid-period onwards) that there’s something slightly terrifying about some of their songs. So while I always love them when I do play them, I approach their records with a vague sense of trepidation. A bit like...hmmm do I want to put myself through this vaguely troubling emotional experience? This might sound a bit extreme, but the great, now defunct, pop music blog “Then Play Long” called SuperTrouper the most frightening album of 1980 (with its songs about being a prisoner of fame, the death of 60s idealism, a new year filled with unease, a fairy story of child abduction or being recruited to a cult, having toe-curling experiences of being chatted up in a bar by someone whose chat up lines are all about the world going to hell in a handcart etc). Anyone else share this experience? Obviously ABBA are also warm, catchy, camp, and so on... but I think the emotional sting and sense of horror is also there...
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  9. Ab(ba)solutely! I've always loved this subversive and dark side to Abba. I think that view of Super Trouper is the perfect take. And by the time they got to Visitors, it was all meditations on the passage of time, cold war paranoia, loneliness and regret - I rarely listen to anything from the last two albums at the same time as anything up to Voulez Vous; it's like a completely different band.

    That's what makes me a bit nervous about new material. The above is what I want from Abba, whereas I fear it's more likely they'd be inclined to want to throw back to the sunny times...
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  10. Well, to be honest, I’d just love to hear from them again, like a (final?) chance to catch up with a very old friend.

    Some of the Benny Anderson Band tracks were just as joyous and emotional as (late period) ABBA of old, so I have hope!

    Personally I see the darkness creeping in from The Album onwards (Name Of The Game, I Wonder, I’m A Marionette, If It Wasn’t For The Nights, Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!* are all from their “unease / horror” range!)

    * I just had to check the album artwork to make sure I wasn’t imagining the enthusiastic use of punctuation. I wasn’t, haha
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  11. This was just one aspect of their genius - songs about depressing/scary/hopeless situations dressed up like happy good time anthems.

    The doomed relationships of Knowing Me Knowing You or One of Us is one thing, but the themes touched on in The Visitors, The Piper, Like an Angel..., I Let the Music Speak show a depth most people didn't realise they had.
  12. I think Like An Angel Passing Through My Room is pop music’s definitive evocation of death.

    Which makes hearing the early disco/synthpop version a strange experience!
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  13. I can't believe that I only found out just now that Mireillegend covered TWTIA in French

  14. I love the moshing kid at the start of both of these vids (assume they were shot back to back). Hope she didn't injure her neck:

    One of the best covers though. Most people screw it up badly.
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  15. The two new songs were announced two years ago today.
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  16. And still waiting...
  17. Weird how they say "the girls' vocals". Two women in their 70s still referred to as 'the girls'.

    Really detailed interview with Björn, says that "the Avatar project (a tour with digital ABBA-replicas) continues but not as planned. It has been delayed by half a year we think." God only knows when that means, but if an album is coming with it, hopefully it'll be worth the wait.

    All four of them were obviously together relatively recently (hopefully recording) - this quote made me a bit emotional:

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  19. Popping in to post my obligatory #JusticeForUnderAttack post since it’s a been a minute.
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