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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Well they’re avatars now.
  2. I’m having a truly awful time at the moment with this lockdown and working in healthcare, my job is so stressful right now and the loyalties and priorities of the management around me is becoming clearer everyday. And let’s just or my role are not it.

    So it’s ABBA binge time again.
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    Ok as an ABBA fan I'm suddenly having a moment where I'm not sure songs like Mama Mia, written by the boys, sung by the girls, basically having a message of 'you treated me badly but of course I forgive you when I look at you' are okay?? It never hit me before but there seems to be an underlying message of 'women are weak and they need their men' in there that I really dislike?
  4. A new album right about now would have been perfect.
  5. Do we know if it's completed yet... or if there truly is an album's worth of material completed? I still can't believe they're recording again. It's not only like hell froze over, but truly bizarre. They turned down how many offers over how many decades??? Hell, I didn't even think Shakespear's Sister would reunite.
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  6. I believe they have done a few tracks. I say they never ever planned to reform. But miracles happen, and all it took was a simple conversation....let’s record for the fun of it with no plans ....a big immense feeling of nostalgia and warmth = let’s do this!!!!
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  7. Re the sentiment of Mamma Mia. Obviously all art is open to interpretation, but to me it is arguably a stretch to suggest the song has an underlying message that ‘women are weak’. ABBA were never really a political band, especially early on, and most of their lyrics tell stories, often of universal heartbreak that work whether sung by a male for a female.
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  8. Bjorn last reported eight new tracks, I seem to remember. Re-record Just Like That, I Know Him So Well and Story of a Heart and BAM!, album.
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  9. Yes, and some Josefin tracks too, please!
  10. My thoughts are with you, it must be so stressful! I work in mental health care, and I can tell you that the toll this situation takes on all of us is big! Take care of yourself! ABBA can most certainly help, I did earlier this week, played all the album AND ordered the colored vinyl box....
  11. If it is true they have done 8 tracks, they just need one more for an album! (two of their original albums had 9 tracks). But I can’t recall seeing 8 confirmed anywhere.
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  12. 8 tracks sounds familiar though. Can’t remember where I read that.
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  13. I couldn’t pinpoint anything specific either, but I remember 8 being the magic number sometime late last year.
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