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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Jul 5, 2006.

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  2. I demand that the Blessed Madonna make Club ABBA.
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  3. Oh my, I almost spat out my tea to this!
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  4. I bought Gold and More Gold back in the mid-90s and initially assumed that they contained all the best work. Soon after I spotted a budget compilation (in the days when we all actually browsed in record shops) which included 'If it wasn't for the nights'. It was the first Abba song I heard beyond those on Gold and More Gold, and it was at that moment I realised I was going to have to buy everything - if there was a song as good as this which hadn't made it onto the main compilations, what other gems were there? It is still one of my absolute favourite Abba songs. It was lined up as a possible single in late 78/early 79 but ultimately they went with 'Chiquitita' instead.
  5. If It Wasn't For The Nights, would have made an classic ABBA single I think. Still, can't complain for them going in the end for the gorgeous Chiquitta either!
  6. Saw this on my TikTok and the comments did not pass the vibe check! So many people commenting how old Kylie looked. Then on the other side you have people commenting on how plastic Madonna looks now, seems they can’t win.
  7. People should remind themselves sometimes that age is something that unless tragedy happens, is inevitable. Of course they would need to get their head out of their backside first. Ageism sucks.
  9. Nice track. Any other deep dive ABBA recommendations? I only really know the main GOLD tracks and a few others.
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  11. Thanks they’re on my new ABBA playlist! Like the sound of both of these
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  12. Don't forget Angeleyes, If It Wasn't For the nights and I Let the Music Speak!
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  13. I guess you'll probably know this one but:
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  14. Got them all on it. I added all the ones I liked on quick listen and good to know they match these recommendations
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  15. Also, a personal fave but not everybody's fave: You Owe Me One
  16. Not keen on this one for some reason. I like the music but the songs just kinda limps on for me
  17. I love that song.
  18. I have to bop when You Owe Me One comes on. Is it their greatest? No. It doesn’t have to be.
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  19. Ok Björn/Benny.
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