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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. I sat in my car this evening as it got dark (waiting for my laundry to be done) listening to The Visitors and the 1982-83 songs. What a moment. When I got home, I immediately hopped on Discogs and bought a copy of The Singles because I need The Day Before You Came on vinyl.
  2. And who could blame you either?!
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  3. i can agree with this !
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  4. When it comes to the divorce ballads, I usually prefer When All Is Said And Done over The Winner Takes It All (Frida, ha power) but fucking hell if the latter hasn’t just completely obliterated me.
  5. The First Ten Years is worth it simply for Frida’s hideous dress and what looks like a condom in her cleveage!
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  6. I guess it was in the other thread where I said it looks like the other three are going to their children's weddings and Frida's going to the Met Gala!
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  7. Gotta love the The First Ten Years Cover!!
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  8. Not my order, but this would be very close to mine. I'd probably swap out 'Super Trouper' for 'Eagle' and have 'SOS' in there as well. Great to see some love for 'Angel Eyes' and 'If It Wasn't For The Nights' - two of my absolute favourites.

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  9. Eagle is my 11!
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  10. ABBA trolling the world calling that The FIRST Ten Years, promptly disbanding and leaving it the ONLY ten years.

    Can you imagine Gold being the actual second decade – a disc of tumbleweed silence. With secret track of I Won’t Let You Go.
  11. If anyone's in the market for a camp as you like Abba cover, this has to be 'up there'. Utterly joyous.

  12. I remember when that was broadcast. It was for Channel 4’s “A Song For Eurotrash” which saw famous Eurovision songs being covered. Sinead O’Connor, Edwyn Collins and The Pogues were on it too. Must’ve been 1998?

    They also broadcast “ABBA: The Movie” the same night. I had the whole thing recorded on VHS and for years that was my only copy of The Movie.
  13. It was 1998! To my shame I even bought the CD. (I’m not ashamed)
  14. Dare I say, iconic.
  15. Lananeeneewho?
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  16. You shouldn’t be since it’s the only place to find it! Would’ve been great to have it included even as a bonus track for the Greatest Hits Collection reissue (put it on disc 2).
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  17. New video from me. Hope you enjoy!

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  18. Hey.

    The Name of the Game rulez.

    That is all.
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  19. Listening to Tio år med Agnetha this morning. I've had it on the shelf since the 90s but (barring a few of the songs which made it into my iTunes library when I digitised my music twenty years ago) hadn't ever paid it much attention. It really is good and hearing the gradual arrival of the other members of Abba on backing vocals/production is fun. I'm also reminded of Agnetha's talent as a songwriter.
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  20. The Day Before You Came is so good. Only heard it a few weeks ago. Surprised they didn’t seem to like it.
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