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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. I had an awful/amazing premonition of the plot of Mamma Mia! 3.

    Ruby and Fernando invite the family (Sophie and Sky, their two children, the dads, and for some reason the Dynamos) to their palatial estate in Hawaii to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary ("Happy Hawaii"/"Dancing Queen"). Sky's parents are also present, played by Richard E. Grant and Juliet Stevenson. While there, Sophie reminisces about her childhood and adolescence ("Summer Night City"/"Take a Chance on Me").

    Meanwhile, Fernando reassures Ruby about her impending return to the stage ("I Still Have Faith in You"/"Thank You for the Music"), inspiring Tanya and Rosie to reform the Dynamos ("Super Trouper").

    All the married couples renew their vows at an impromptu joint ceremony ("As Good as New"/"One Man, One Woman"). Everybody dances, including Donna's ghost ("Don't Shut Me Down"/"Mamma Mia").
  2. Oh god Mamma Mia 3 murdering Dancing Queen again, haven’t we suffered enough.
  3. If Mamma Mia! 3 happens, there is literally a 100% chance they'll do Dancing Queen again.
  4. That sexy cymbal that runs through the glorious 30-second intro of The King Has Lost His Crown is it.

    Sultry, sexy chill-disco moment with a teeny bit of funk. It's these little touches that elevate them over and above all the other groups bringing it in the same era. Boney M easily could've done that song, but how would it have sounded?
  5. In a way I hope Mama Mia 3 never ends up happening.
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  6. There’s a guy on YouTube who’s posting videos of Abba’s TV performances in amazing enhanced picture quality! Quite a few have live vocals, and many of them I hadn’t seen before. Here’s a couple of examples!

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  7. I know Aggie was younger and shorter, but did they ever put Frida at the front?
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  8. Yes, I find the videos, covers and official promo photos very well divided actually, never felt one was getting more attention than the other, pretty much like the division of leads throughout their albums. TV performances really depends on who's singing lead.The Movie feels a bit Frida heavy but In Concert feels a little Agnetha heavy so deal.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Even the Greatest Hits had this cover opposed to the UK one.


    Also, a kii at the single covers not going with the lead singer at center or the theme/vibe of the song at all:

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  9. This is such a good version of Just Like That. Agnetha should have released it herself. I think she's mostly singing with herself here ...
  10. What’s the story behind Just Like That? I’d never heard of it before. Whoever it was who recommended the Abbacadabra Almighty anthem on here, thank you. I’ve been listening to it all week!
  11. From Wikipedia:

    “Just Like That" was originally supposed to be included on ABBA's never completed ninth studio album. Parts of the song was later used in the song "Under Attack" (1982). A demo of a new version with different verses was recorded by Elaine Paige in 1984 during the "Chess"-sessions, but the song remained unreleased. Geminirecorded and released the new version in 1985. Cover versions of both the original version and the Gemini-version has since been released by amo. Angelika Milsterunder the German title "Einfach So" (1987), The Webb (1996), Björn Again (1993), and Abbacadabra (2014). The song was originally intended to become part of Mamma Mia! musical but this did not happen, though a snippet of the 1982 recording was made available in "ABBA Undeleted" from Thank Y
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  12. And it's the song we all want to have released officially desperately but Benny blocks it. He says the ABBA version is not finished, the Gemini version is the final one.

    And he also said that Karin Glenmark (the female singer of Gemini) was the better singer as Agnetha and Frida together.

    These are the reasons why we could hate Benny but he's forgiven as he writes such beautiful music and who could be mad with Benny in the end ...
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  13. @B&B release this one too x
  14. Oh how I love this song.
  15. My source at Universal said a script for MM3 is already in the work. They said it will probably be a brand new story.
  16. Ooh, Just Like That could be the next day lyrically in The Day Before You Came! I like both versions and the cat analogy makes me smile.
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  17. I read that he said (or meant) that Karin could go higher than Aggie and lower than Frida, so was 'technically' a 'better' singer. Can't deny she has a great voice, but it lacks the emotional connection of our ladies.
  18. Why are we calling Agnetha Aggie?
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  19. How on earth is having a wider range a synonym of being a better singer? There's more than the range ...

    Karin is an extraordinary singer, too, I guess, but I somehow never warmed up to her voice. And comparing her to Frida or Agnetha does neither of them justice. It was not a very well thought out comment of Benny, for me, it always felt like he was assuring himself that he could be successful without Frida and/or Agnetha but not really believing in it ...

    Karin's finest moment for me was stepping in for the suddenly fallen ill Barbara Dickson
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  20. Meaning no Sophie and Donna et al.? Ew.
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