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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Queen giving us “im going to give the gays everything they want” energy.
  2. Well, that's disappointing.

    Another article/interview (including one sole quote from Dame Vicky):
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  3. Indeed, generous legend.
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  5. Abba night on BBC Two from 8pm on Saturday 13th November....

    8pm:Abba at the BBC
    9pm:The Joy of Abba
    10pm:Agnetha: Abba and After
    11pm:Abba in Switzerland (1977 TV special)
  6. A bit surprised this is on BBC Two and not Four. Nothing particularly exciting in that lot, though hopefully ABBA in Switzerland will include the guest performances by Kate Bush and Roxy Music that were edited out of the version on the Voulez-Vous deluxe. I think the sequence for Eagle wasn’t present on that either.

    ABBA at the BBC included some of the ABBA in Switzerland performances, meaning they’re likely to be shown twice in one night.

    ABBA at the BBC was quite a disappointing programme as it consisted of a few of the standard music videos, simply because they were shown on BBC programmes at the time. The Agnetha one is from 2013 and has had a fair few showings since then. Can’t remember much about The Joy of ABBA. Presumably a talking heads show - “we’ve just shown you some footage of ABBA, now comment on it as though you remember it from the time. Even though you’re much too young.”
  7. My night sorted there then.
  8. “The Joy of ABBA” is actually a great little documentary. Lots of info about their reception in Sweden after winning Eurovision. Interview with Bjorn but none of the others were involved. It’s pretty great though, topped only by The Winner Takes It All documentary from 1999.

    Disappointed that ABBA The Movie isn’t being show.
  9. Which documentary had Dame Kim Wilde in it?
  10. The Joy of ABBA.

    Even if she can’t pronounce Agnetha’s name correctly.
  11. It looks like Channel 5 are showing that this Saturday, unless it’s been pulled? They appear to have their own ABBA night:

    21:10 ABBA Then and Now: In Their Own Words
    22:15 ABBA In Concert
    23:15 ABBA The Movie

    I thought the Then and Now one might be new, but looking at the description, it appears to be a “countdown of their 20 best-loved songs as voted by fans”.
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  12. Again, my Saturday night for this week sorted too!
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  13. And on 5 Select tonight at 9pm....

    Abba:Here We Go Again!

    A documentary exploring the stories behind three of Abba's best loved songs.
  14. This. Looks. Amazing.
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  15. I'm on BBC Two team.
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  16. The homophobia of them not showing the 3hr Frida documentary!
  17. Oh wow!
  18. I’m happy this is happening but the graphics look a bit like a PS4 game so I think I’ll skip on this one.
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