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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. that’s alright, I’m the only one who finds the Super Trouper album a bit “meh”, especially considering it’s sandwiched between Voulez-Vous and The Visitors which are both exquisite.
  2. Super trouper mixes the incredible with some hideous songs like the piper and really twee stuff like Andante Andante and Happy new year.
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  3. The Piper is disguised brilliance though, those lyrics...

    He gave them a dream
    He seduced everybody in the land
    Fire in his eyes
    And their fear was a weapon in his hand

    ABBA predicting the return populism 35 years ahead.
  4. I agree with Happy New Year but I love The Piper and Andante Andante. If Elaine was in Happy New Year's place (tho I do still like it).... wig!
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  5. I feel if Lay all your love on me had been a proper, proper single and On and on and on had been the 4th Super Trouper would be thought of as much of a classic as the rest. It felt like they gave up on it early in the campaign, understandably with their private lives I guess but still.
  6. I like both Andante, Andante and Happy New Year, but can’t stand The Piper. I’m also not really fan of Our Last Summer despite the killer vocal delivery from Frida.

    I’ve replaced The Piper with Elaine on my ST playlist.
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  7. Played Disc 4 of Thank You For The Music a lot today, kept playing the live version of Slipping Through My Fingers / Me and I. Loved Me and I loads today but it never stood out for me on Super Trouper. Think Super Trouper is getting a hammering tomorrow.
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  8. The verse parts of The Piper are great. If they’d just reigned in the chorus and dispensed with the fiddley Dee Dee pan pipe bits it’d be terrific. A slowed down version minus the pan pipes and I’m sold… remix anyone?!
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  9. I adore all of Super Trouper. Some are better than others of course, but nope, nothing even remotely bad.
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  10. The Album
    Super Trouper
    The Visitors
    Ring Ring

    i have listened to the first 4 albums so much that it’s difficult to rate Voyage in the same way just yet ,although I love it , and I think as an album it works better than Arrival.
    Arrival has Knowing me Knowing you and Dancing Queen, my 2 fave ABBA songs ( with The Winner takes it all and The Day before you came )
    The Album was the first album I ever bought, and it’s one of the few records I never grew tired of.
  11. Out of all their albums, I feel Super Trouper, was the one crammed with the most potential singles. All sound like hits in their own right.
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  12. I always think Voulez-Vous is the one where 8 of the 10 tracks could've been hits (the exceptions being The King Has Lost His Crown and Lovers).
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  13. If It Wasn't For The Nights, was THE hit sitting there on Voulez-Vous especially.
  14. Oddly though, those were 2 of the very first song written for Voulez-Vous, along with Summer Night City & Lovelight
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  15. I always think that had they left the intro at the beginning of Summer Night City it would have been a huge hit instead of a dissappointing medium one.
  16. I agree that Voulez-Vous is the album with the most single options. It's just wall to wall hits.
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  17. Summer Night City, is a true gem and holds up really now even now I think.
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  18. Summer Night City is Top 5 ABBA.
  19. Thought you would say that somehow!
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