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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. I’ve just recently discovered The Visitors album. I never got to it on my play through of the vinyl set for some reason. I can’t stop playing, it’s a great album!
  2. Does anyone know why Abba's FINEST MOMENT (no arguments) is being retconned?

    I just had my daily listen to 'Two for the Price of One' and realised that the 'Alice Whiting' bit has been edited out on Spotify. Why?!
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  3. I just listened to it this minute and Alice Whiting was still there, so maybe it's something in your speakers/headphones?
  4. Two for the Price of One is so good!
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  5. .

    That’s so weird! I just played it again and Alice is back. How could my speakers have filtered it out yesterday? I listened to it several times because I couldn’t believe it.
  6. Can never get over just how quiet and poor in sound the 2012 re issue of The Visitors is.
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  7. Omniscient Queens! Mystic Meg’s wig found in the dumpster.
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  8. Isn't it only in one channel (I think the right)? Maybe only the other channel was playing yesterday.
  9. the Deluxe Edition is a mess. They used badly damaged tapes, the wrong mix of Head Over Heels and there was a horrid volume drop on side B.

    it’s such a shame, because the pre-1997 Polydor and Polar CD mastering is absolutely one of the best sounding CD’s ever made.
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  10. About the only benefit of chronic background tinnitus: I can never detect these poorer quality recordings.
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  11. You would think in this day and age, they would get these things right with a decent master for a start.
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  12. What is the mastering like on the 'The Albums' boxset?
  13. It’s ok. It’s the same as the 2005 Complete Studio Recordings boxset. Henrik Jonsson managed to make a master that retained the original dynamics and he didn’t touch the EQ at all, but they are quite compressed. One of the loudest masters made.

    The first 3 albums sound pretty great but Arrivals onwards can be a bit shrill and ear splitting, especially if you turn the volume up.

    Overall though, despite the loudness, I do prefer them over the 1997 and 2001 remasters.
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  14. @RidesOnTheBreeze you very kindly put together an invaluable list of best sources for the singles/Abba gold tracks.

    would you have something similar for the ‘best’ sounding CDs of their albums?
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  15. yes, of course.

    Ring Ring – Deluxe Edition, 2013, Polar/Universal
    Waterloo – Deluxe Edition, 2014, Polar/Universal
    ABBA – Deluxe Edition, 2012, Polar/Universal
    Arrival – 1984, Polydor or Polar CD (identical masters)
    The Album – 2001 Astley remaster, Polar/Universal (although none are really acceptable)
    Voulez-Vous – 1984 Polydor or Polar. Deluxe Edition, 2010, Polar/Universal is a VERY close second
    Super Trouper – Deluxe Edition, 2011, Polar/Universal
    The Visitors – 1983, Polydor or Polar

    There are also a whole host of compilations issued on CD between 1983 and 1992 that are worth hunting for, as in some cases they offer the best audio available for some songs.

    Noteworthy are:

    Greatest Hits Vol 2 – Polydor/Polar 1983
    The Singles: The First 10 Years - Polydor/Polar 1983
    From ABBA With Love – Polydor 1984
    ABBA International – Polydor 1988
    The Hits, The Hits 2, The Hits 3 and The Love Songs – Pickwick UK, 1987 – 1989

    “The Album” is a mess. Every single CD release is poor. Either it uses badly damaged tapes with notable distortion all over side A, or it has very strange EQ and no bass. I have had to make a playlist from multiple sources that I have found works well:

    1. Eagle (from Pickwick UK “The Hits Vol. 2” CD)
    2. Take A Chance On Me (from Polydor/Polar “Greatest Hits Vol 2” CD or “The Singles: The First 10 Years” CD) 3. One Man, One Woman (from Pickwick UK “The Love Songs” CD)
    4. The Name of The Game (from 2014 “Mastered for iTunes” series, but for a CD source, try 2001 Astley release of “The Album”)
    5. Move On (from Polydor/Polar “The Album” CD, 1984)
    6. Hole In Your Soul (from Polydor/Polar “The Album” CD, 1984)
    7. Thank You For The Music (from Polydor/Polar “Greatest Hits Vol 2” CD, 1983)
    8. I Wonder (Departure) (from Polydor/Polar “Greatest Hits Vol 2” CD, 1983)
    9. I’m A Marionette (from Polydor/Polar “The Album” CD, 1984)
  16. Just to add, if you’re in the US, the 1985 US Atlantic CD of “Super Trouper” is better than any other release. It’s just quite hard to come by.
  17. The thought of Boris having an ABBA themed party is... not wanted.

    Unless they shelved a demo called Tory of a Heart.
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  18. Thanks @RidesOnTheBreeze - apologies if you’d already posted this beforehand, thought I’d saved all guidance but couldn’t find it in my chaotic laptop filing!
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  19. You certainly do know your stuff!
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  20. I do when it comes to ABBA. I’ve been a fan for as long as I have memories and drove my parents nuts when I was younger as I just wanted to buy anything and everything associated with ABBA.

    I’ve had all the various reissues at some point so the list I’ve put together is from my own listening over the years.
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