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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. It's always good to know what editions sound the best too for future reference.
  2. the 1997 remasters are the worst
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  3. The day before you fucked off forever would be suitable for them.
  4. Post of the day!
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  5. I love that the Swedish version of Ring Ring contains the chorus lyrics "ding dong, bing bong."
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  6. Deep.
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  7. 'Just a Notion' is so good. I must have listened to it about 150 times, but it still sounds so perfect every time it comes on. Agnetha's soaring vocals, the crisp production, the 'ABBA-as-they-are-now' outro vocals, the 'Angeleyes'-like 'ah-ah-ah', it's just brilliant.
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  8. I know it's stupid but I keep hoping that they will surprise us all with just one last new song when the Voyage Shows start... it would make so much sense business wise too because a Deluxe version of Voyage with even just one more song and the album would hit Number 1 again!
  9. Something tells me we are going to get another album before they really go away for good. I love ABBA, I really do.
  10. Well, there are two “unfinished” songs from the sessions. Benny did say they were “quite good” but needed more work. I got the impression the work was required from him and that the others had already completed their bits. If they’re never going to be released, why even mention it and get people’s hopes up? Therefore I think there will be a deluxe with the two songs added, and one of them a single. As you say, it makes so much business sense.

    Much better than what they’re trying to do now - release No Doubt About It to radio and hope enough people don’t realise it’s three months old and already on an album they own or have heard.
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  11. I would have thought the obvious hit was 'When you danced with me', so it seems a strange choice.
  12. It’s not even as if it’s a radio edit or alternative mix that we’re all compelled to buy
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  13. Really hope so. I think one more album in 2024 - 50 year anniversary for the Eurovision win and maybe call it "Departure". Like a goodbye and a continuation to the title "Arrival".
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  14. Voyage has been an success enough for them to have the incentive to do it one last time I think. Wait and see I guess.
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  15. I can see one more album for sure !
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  16. Cute.

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  17. Don't Shut Me Down is absolutely excellent, but Just a Notion is hands down my favorite from the album. I do think it's because that ABBA in their prime magic is all over it of course, though it just has the best melodies of the lot.
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  18. Björn went all John Denver for Tomas Ledin's 70th birthday special last night...a 'new' version of Hej Gamle Man in English. We also get a glimpse of the Björn avatar in a new costume (akin to the Dancing Queen outfits from what I can see).

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  19. Some "exciting" news coming soon according to their Instagram stories.
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