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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. 48 years ago today, ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest with “Waterloo”

    23 years ago today, Mamma Mia opened on the West End at The Prince Edward Theatre.

    Also 23 years ago today, The Winner Takes It All: The ABBA Story was broadcast on ITV in the UK. The first time all 4 members had appeared on a program together since 1983.

    23 years ago yesterday, Gold was reissued in 2 formats, both remastered, one in a “signature edition” (hands up, who bought it). It went to #1 again the following Sunday.
  2. Having listened to them from a very young age, I often misunderstood/misheard their lyrics. Here's what I used to think I was hearing:

    Children dance, children die
    Having the time of your life
    Oooh see that girl, watch her scream
    Kickin' the dancing queen

    Summer Night City:
    It's a dream it's out of reach, scattered grapefruit on the beach

    Take your teeth out tell me what's wrong

    One of Us:
    That's how I started to show, on the bus had to go

    I Am the City:
    Dancing with the crazy magic
    They're grabbing pizzas from the bad cafe

    Nina Pretty Ballerina:

    Doesn't talk very often, kinda shy and uncertain
    Everybody seems to think she's a whore
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  3. Me too! Especially Frida and Agnetha singing English in their gorgeous Swedish accents.
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  4. Love them all, but these two are PERFECTION. I actually prefer them to the original lyrics!

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  5. Weirder still, the Nina one is apparently 'everybody seems to think she's a bore', but after 'whore' I always thought it was 'she's so poor'.
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  6. It's no secret that Nina is a whore.
    But we love Nina!
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  7. One of the best quality versions of Just Like That (Sax Version) I've heard so far.

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  8. I’d be tempted to include the Swedish versions of Fernando and SOS too. I know they’re solo versions, but they’re still the original lead singers and same backing track, so three members of ABBA on them.

    I’d even go a step further and include Björn and Benny’s earlier versions of Rock ‘N’ Roll Band, Merry-Go-Round and its Swedish version En Karusell (for the same reason as Fernando and SOS).

    The only controversial one is Agnetha’s Mina Ögon. Essentially Disillusion but a completely different recording (and therefore no Björn and Benny), plus a very different subject matter. I’ve included it on my version of Ring Ring but doesn’t really belong.
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  9. yep, throw them all in. Throw everything in!!

    I actually completely forgot about En Karusell
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  10. Excellent stuff! Oh how I love this song.
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  11. Honestly at this point they should bung it out as a one (or two with other version) track single that hordes of us would buy and it’d shut us up in an instant!
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  12. As much as I love Björn & Benny, the way they refuse to understand the greatness of Just Like That is infuriating. We want Just Like That performed by ABBA, not by Gemini, thank you. Sure the Gemini version was recorded and released, apparently that’s a merit in the guys’ eyes, but it’s also way too slow and boring and by no means the definitive version no matter what B & B might think.

    Honestly I had pretty much given up hope of ever getting the damned song on record, but then they went and did what? Released freaking Just A Notion on Voyage! In my opinion that’s like showing the middle finger to their fans. Not to mention insanity. And just bad taste. In what Universe could Just A Notion ever be considered better than Just Like That? I know some folks like Just A Notion too, but personally I think it’s like a schlagery 3rd rate version of So Long, or something equally scarring. And yet THAT they are willing to give their fans but not Just Like That?

  13. There's a lot of new fan made edits on youtube which is great. They can satisfy us with the unreleased songs.

    Get On The Carousel (Album edit)

    I always wished there was a 10th song on The Album and I always like Get On The Carousel!
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  14. There was always unfinished business with Just A Notion though. It was meant to be included in the 1994 box set, then again in the Voulez-Vous deluxe in 2010. Apparently it was deemed unmixable.

    I discovered today (looking at the credits on the album artwork) that the new parts of Just A Notion were recorded in 2021, suggesting it was drafted in to make up the numbers (and in order to reach a deadline?). Clearly Benny likes the song (I would have said “and Björn” but it appears to be Benny calling the shots these days). He’s out-of-touch with ABBA fans (or perhaps out-of-touch generally) so if he doesn’t like Just Like That then that’s the end of it. He possibly even enjoys “showing the middle finger” to fans as it then means he’s still in control.
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  15. Their own opinion of course and fair enough. But still!
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  16. Abba night on Channel 5 this Saturday night....

    7.15pm Abba The Movie
    9.20pm Abba:The Missing 40 Years (documentary uncovering what happened to each of the band members since going their separate ways in 1982)
    10.45pm Greatest Abba Cover Versions Ever (the stories behind well loved cover versions of Abba's songs featuring contributions from Dannii Minogue,Andy Bell of Erasure & Neil Arthur of Blancmange amongst others)
  17. Saw these horrifying things on TV

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  18. ^ what people visualise when I try to explain what the concert will be like.
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