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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. I was just having a trawl through the BMI Song Search as you do, and I couldn’t help but notice Just Like That has a Song ID in sequence after the Voyage tracks… maybe a release / re-recorded release is imminent!

    (In context, the Song ID’s for the other 1982 tracks, or tracks released in ‘93, ‘94 are far lower than the Voyage tracks, which makes the Just Like That ID interesting).

    I Am The City - 28256272

    Put On Your White Sombrero - 39295051

    I Still Have Faith In You - 52351319
    When You Danced With Me - 52331822
    Little Things - 52409982
    Just A Notion - 52331337
    Don’t Shut Me Down - 52351171
    I Can Be That Woman - 52409795
    Keep An Eye On Dan - 52409909
    Bumblebee - 52409321
    No Doubt About It - 52410161
    Ode To Freedom - 52410190

    Just Like That - 52627594
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  2. For those of us that don’t have a clue, what exactly is BMI? I understand it stands for Broadcast Music Inc. The low number of I Am The City suggests it was around in 1993. Would Dream World not have one or is Put On Your White Sombrero merely given as an example of the numbers at that time?

    And what could be the significance of it? It wouldn’t be to do with it having been on YouTube in three different versions, or Gemini’s version (which is largely a different song)? To be broadcast it has to have a BMI song ID?
  3. Received my new 10LP boxset today. Very pretty, but the pressings remain fairly poor. The soundstage sounds so thin or something. No depth. So glad I bought original pressings of all the albums last year on Discogs. They weren't hard to find, were relatively inexpensive and sound infinitely superior to all of the recent reissues.
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  4. Saw the show today.
    Couldn't believe my eyes.
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  5. I’m still in two minds about the picture discs. I don’t buy them to play them. I’m disappointed the Voyage red vinyl apparently sold out on the first day. Not paying £100 off eBay for one.
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  6. Sooooooooooooo, despite me cancelling my pre-order and saying "no, I am not buying this boxset, I don't need this boxset, I have multiple copies of those albums, I do not need anymore....”, I did infact buy the boxset. Oopsie. I was in Sister Ray Records in Soho and they had 1 copy of the CD box and 1 copy of the vinyl boxset. I went for the CD box as it's considerably cheaper and for LP's, I stick with my original UK Epic pressings. But this does now mean I’ve bought 6 lots of ABBA albums on CD (original Polydors, 97 remasters, 2001 remasters, 2005 CSR remasters, deluxe editions and now this, I haven’t kept them all though).

    It's a really nice set overall, probably the best sounding one so far if you want everything in one boxset.

    Some pro's over previous sets:

    - as with the deluxe editions, the first 3 albums sound brilliant
    - the "fix" at the 2:07 mark on Dancing Queen that has plagued every digital release since 1997 has now actually been fixed. It no longer sounds like the girls are off key at the end of the chorus
    - the digital skip from the 2001 onwards releases of Knowing Me, Knowing You isn't there either
    - this is probably the best remaster we've had of Arrival & The Album
    - The Name of The Game is present and correct in full form with it's original EQ, good dynamics and no distortion. AT LAST.
    - Head Over Heels is the correct mix
    - this is the first international release of the original Swedish Polar tracklisting for the first 2 albums, which is nice to have.
    - of course, Voyage is included, making it a complete albums set

    Some con's:

    - The Visitors is not much of an improvement over the Deluxe Edition. Notable tapehiss in places, the volume drop between side A and B is clear still too.
    - Take A Chance On Me seems to be mastered louder than the rest of The Album
    - the bonus disc is ridiculously short. You can clearly tell that the CD set was an afterthought, and this was designed with the LP box in mind. Even the artwork for Voyage is the LP artwork, with sides A and B listed

    Overall, glad I took the punt on the set. It's worth it for Arrival and especially The Album.

    On a personal note, I'm really glad I bought this in London whilst I was there for the opening weekend of the Voyage live show. When I was here in February 2000 to see Mamma Mia!, I bought the signature edition Gold, remastered More Gold and the "From ABBA to Mamma Mia" book, all of which I still have and have such wonderful memories of buying them, so this will be kept now alongside those.
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  7. Great review, @RidesOnTheBreeze - I wasn’t going to bother with this set but you’ve made it enticing.

    Is Voyage in this box like a mini vinyl then, in terms of the artwork? In other words, yet another presentation of it? Does it have a gatefold sleeve like the vinyl has?
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  8. all of the albums use the LP artwork - it’s the original artwork too, so Ring Ring is credited to Benny Bjorn & Agnetha Anni-Frid, and Waterloo and ABBA have the original fonts on the cover.

    they’re not in gatefolds though, just cardboard sleeves.
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  9. Oh now you’ve done it, might have to get this now they’ve fixed a lot of the issues (…and postpone my piecemeal search of the best versions of each)!
  10. My best versions list:

    Ring Ring - Deluxe Edition
    Waterloo - Deluxe Edition
    ABBA - Deluxe Edition
    Arrival - 1984 Polar/Polydor. 2022 boxset a close second
    The Album - 2022 boxset
    Voulez-Vous - 1984 Polar/Polydor. Deluxe Edition is a *very* close second
    Super Trouper - Deluxe Edition
    The Visitors - 1983 Polar/Polydor (or any pre-1997 master, they’re all the same)
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  11. I think this is more likely to do with this

  12. We went to the show on Monday, and had a fabulous time. Probably the best audience I’ve seen in London. The couple next to us were living their best life, and were great to chat to.

    I loved how a lot of people stayed quiet for some of Agnetha’s vocal moments. It was like she was right there.
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    ABBA's Official Top 20 biggest songs
    1 DANCING QUEEN 1 1976
    2 SUPER TROUPER 1 1980
    4 TAKE A CHANCE ON ME 1 1978
    5 FERNANDO 1 1976
    7 MAMMA MIA 1 1975
    8 THE NAME OF THE GAME 1 1977
    9 CHIQUITITA 2 1979
    11 WATERLOO 1 1974
    12 I HAVE A DREAM 2 1979
    13 ANGEL EYES / VOULEZ VOUS 3 1979
    15 ONE OF US 3 1981
    16 MONEY MONEY MONEY 3 1976
    17 LAY ALL YOUR LOVE ON ME 7 1981
    18 SUMMER NIGHT CITY 5 1978
    19 S.O.S. 6 1975
    20 THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC 33 1983
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  14. That truly is a Greatest Hits list there and then some.
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  15. Proving once again that Summer Night City should’ve been on Gold
  16. Amen to that. Love how many people can see how fabulous this song truly is.
  17. I'm surprised Erasure have never (yet) revisited ABBA for an ABBA-Esque 2 given how massive / excellent the first EP was back in the day - Summer Night City, Does Your Mother Know, Angel Eyes and The Day Before You Came would be wonderful with a Vince & Andy makeover.
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  18. SNC is top 5 ABBA for me. Particularly the live version.

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  19. Does anyone know why 'Angeleyes' has shot up ABBA's most played songs on Spotify to #3? I mean, it's deserved.
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  20. Everyone on TikTok is using it lately; a weird Chipmunky sped up version.
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