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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. I was really excited when I first heard it that way on TikTok..
  2. Bjorn posted on TikTok about platform shoes and Angeleyes is the song featured
  3. Can't stand Tik Tok, but exposure is exposure so there's that!
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  4. Voyage dropped out of the Top 100 ...but Voulez-Vours re-enters at #58, which I'm guessing is on the back of Angeleyes not being on Gold?
  5. I’d rather it not be a Disney Chipmunk style sped-up version, but it’s nice to see Angeleyes getting some recognition.

    I’m always going to bleat on about how this was the chosen primary UK A-side that was a bigger hit here (and in the US) than its double A-side Voulez-Vous was separately in other parts of the world. ABBA Gold helped to completely write Angeleyes out of existence as a single, with only More Gold helping to remind us. It was a UK primary A-side because the music industry didn’t like Voulez-Vous.
  6. Not the whole industry, just 1 guy at Epic UK who was convinced it would be a bigger hit because it had the “classic ABBA sound”. He’s also the reason we got the remix of “Ring Ring” as the follow up single to “Waterloo”, when the rest of the world got “Honey Honey”.

    “Angeleyes” was definitely the bigger radio hit in the UK, but Top Of The Pops showed the “Voulez-Vous” video at least twice and never really mentioned “Angeleyes”.
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  7. I like the Voulez-Vous song a lot, but I LOVE Angeleyes. I actually first heard it late 1979, on Greatest Hits Vol. 2 (that did NOT include Voulez-Vous...)
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  8. I’m probably in the minority but I do prefer “Voulez-Vous”.

    When GHV2 was released, the VV album was still selling well. I’m guessing the exclusion of that song was to keep sales of the album up.
  9. I think Voulez-Vous, had the best run of singles from any Abba album in my view.
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  10. Definitely one of the strongest, although at the time it was the first ABBA LP since Ring Ring (which wasn’t released here) where none of the singles went to the top of the chart in the UK
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  11. I bet that was deemed quite a shock at time. Although, Chiquita was kept of #1 by Heart Of Glass, so can (sort of) allow that.
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  12. And “I Have A Dream” was kept off the top spot by “Another Brick In The Wall”
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  13. Again, can be forgiven in that case too.
  14. I can't stand Heart of Glass, but can see why it was as huge as it is.

    I'm actually glad ABBA weren't always at No. 1, I think there's some humility in that, to continue to fuel their work ethic towards perfection, but also not be a continual annoyance in the same way watching a group like Westlife effortlessly land at the top with every release regardless of how crap it may have been. It makes the ABBA singles that did reach the top that slightly bit more classic, whereas a boyband with a dozen No. 1 hits are comparably forgettable. (No offence to any 'Loife fans).
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  15. 1979 was such a good year. Eat To The Beat, The Wall, Tusk, Never For Ever, Voulez-Vous, Bad Girls, Lodger, Communique, Off The Wall, Highway To Hell, London Calling….
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  16. Year chock full of classic albums.
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  17. Ever since Voyage I have been obsessed with “Eagle” and how majestic it is. I slept on this song for so long.
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  18. my favourite ABBA song. It’s flawless.
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  19. A new lyric video for The Winner Takes It All.

    I'd prefer they focus on tracks that didn't have music videos first time around, or at least the ones with boring hardly-anything-happens videos. Angeleyes would surely benefit from some cool animated thing with the barrage of TikTok videos it's recently attached to.
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