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ABBA’s Voulez-Vous album is 40 in 2019! Share your thoughts.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tommy Johnson, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. Released on 23rd April, apparently.

    I’ve always felt this was one of their least appreciated albums. Even though it was a #1 LP spawning 4 top 5 UK single hits, it doesn’t seem to get the love Arrival, The Album or The Visitors do....

    I started work around this time and I bought VV with my first weeks wages. Unfortunately I bought it on cassette forgetting not for the first time that tapes were crap!

    So, what do you think of the album? Benny and Bjorn were never really happy with it even slagging most of the songs off in the sleevenotes of the CD deluxe edition! Summer Night City was excluded from the tracklist because B & B could never find a mix that suited them. If It Wasn’t For The Nights was set to be the lead single only for the duo to gradually go off it ultimately ensuring that it was one of the few songs from VV that wasn’t put out as a single!

    Personally, I love the DE that includes bonus tracks such as Summer Night City (not loving the slow intro, though), Lovelight, Dream World and Gimme Gimme Gimme.

    What do you think of Voulez-Vous? When did you buy it? Do you think of it as one of ABBA’s best or worst albums? Do tell!
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  2. The album’s 3rd week at #1. 26/5/79.

  3. upload_2019-1-17_22-1-51.jpeg

    Wish I’d picked up the picture disc in 1979...
  4. It's my least favourite Imperial ABBA album. The title track is one of my least favourite ABBA singles and is the musical definition of "it goes on a bit". I Have A Dream was great when I was 5; not so much now. "If It Wasn't For The Nights" is...fine. Does Your Mother Know is...not.

    And yet, it contains Angeleyes, which is fucking wonderful. It also has The King Has Lost His Crown and Lovers (Live A Little Longer) which are two of my favourite ABBA album tracks. The latter is especially epic.

    A curate's egg, is what I'm saying.

    Also - B&B, I love you guys but you couldn't be more wrong about Summer Night City.
  5. My favourite ABBA album by far, I would go as far to say that it heralded the beginning of my obsession with high gloss glamorous euro pop.......the blue, the silver, the drama, the synthy disco, the voices....I was and still am in love. Voulez Vous remains my favourite Abba song.

    I would drop I Have A Dream and replace with the sublime Summer Night City and / or Gimme Gimme Gimme.....what a pair of fucking tunes to be left off a studio album!
  6. I was soooooo young. Didn't get why Does Your Mother Know was the lead single (still don't), still didn't know why Summer Night City was held back in the States (ditto Gimme Gimme Gimme), Greatest Hits Volume Two was out by Christmas (and had them, thanks WEA) - the same ideas were better executed on Super Trouper & The Visitors IMHO. Angeleyes choked at #64 here after Voulez Vous (its A-side) died at #80; it deserved better.
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  7. Their very best album for me, and they suited the "Disco" sound so very well. I do think the singles run from this album (including Summer Night City), is very much underrated at times and does not seem to get the due they deserve, compared to the singles from Arrival and The Album. Though the less said about I Have A Dream, the better...
  8. This is just seriously stunning!
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  9. Thanks for reigniting this thread. It’s been a bit of a flop!
  10. It's their best album for me, followed by The Visitors. Even when it contains the nadir of their singles run, I Have A Dream, it's still amazing. Leaving Summer Night City to languish as a single-only track was a mistake too, but even these two errors can't quell the brilliance of the album.

    When you have the likes of If It Wasn't For The Nights (my favourite ABBA song bar none), As Good As New, Kisses Of Fire and The King Has Lost His Crown being condemned to album-track purgatory, you know an LP is fucking awesome.
  11. If It Wasn't For The Nights, is perhaps the ultimate should have been a single in music history! It really is just SO good.
  12. Not a problem, I love threads like these! This is an album that deserves to be celebrated too.
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  13. It was the only one I had on cd growing up (thanks to borrowing it indefinitely from my mum’s cd collection), so I know it word for word.
    As Good As New is such a great opener, the title track sublime, and the fun from Angel Eyes to Chiqitita is honestly maybe the greatest single run of tracks on any of their albums.
    5/5 from me, a classic.
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  14. I love great 10 track albums like this. As much as it benefits from the bonus tracks on the DE, I’m glad the original LP was so concise. Still have the LP and original Polydor CD alongside the DE.
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  15. I forgot to mention that I absolutely adore As Good As New. Perfectly constructed too - the key change up and back down in the middle 8 is amazing. Agnetha's vocal is so keen it could crack bricks. Amazing.
  16. I've never listened to the whole album in one go. I started doing that with all the albums years ago when I got the Albums CD Boxset, but stopped after The Album. No idea why!

    As for why it's overlooked in comparison to the albums before and after it, I suppose the lack of a #1 hit may have something to do with that, and how two of the singles underperformed by their standards and were considered second-tier ABBA efforts. Its two most successful 45s were the godawful ballad I Have A Dream and the slightly naff Chiquittita, somewhat ironically given how most of the album aspires to a glorious disco trash aesthetic.
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  17. I bought the deluxe reissue and really enjoyed it. I must reread the liner notes for the draggings!
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  18. Voulez-Vous, the song, was MY JAM when I was little. When I was first introduced to the group as a child that was the song that stuck out as my favourite. The album is tied with "Super Trouper" as my second favourite ABBA album, behind "The Visitors" but it is definitely made better by the inclusion of "Gimme Gimme Gimme" "Summer Night City" and "Dream World" which might be an unpopular opinion but I adore that song.
  19. Probably because The Album is easily the worst of their peak-popularity albums. It only has like four good tracks. I'd rather listen to the self-titled anyday.

    They definitely stumbled with the singles though. I think it's the point in their successful period where they had a crisis of confidence. They couldn't get Summer Night City to their liking, they binned off most of the original tracks from the VV album sessions, they fucked off to Miami to find some inspiration and then lost confidence in the original lead single that perfectly married the classic ABBA sound with the album's disco leanings in favour of the pretty but ultra-safe Chiquitita. They began second guessing themselves whereas previously they didn't have to try to get everything right, and that really shows in the singles run.

    If It Wasn't For The Night - Angeleyes - As Good As New - Voulez Vous/Kisses of Fire - Chiquitita (to coincide with the tour) would have been a stellar singles run.
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  20. From that string section opening to the wailing fade of Kisses of Fire, this is their most fun album.

    Love the electric blue. Love the singles. Love the album tracks. Love the b-sides. In short - it's love.
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