Abbott Elementary (S3 - Feb 7)

Not to turn this into the (nonexistent?) Emmy Bait thread, but how many Emmys are we thinking? I was going to propose that it follow in the footsteps of “Schitt’s Creek” and win them all, but can they swing Tyler James Williams in Lead?
If Janelle James doesn’t get a nomination, there will be actual hell to pay.



Ok, let’s talk about Barbara’s ‘Sorkin Walk and Talk’ when looking for the lost kid! Melissa giving Janine a pretzel when she got off the balloon! Gregory having a good silly voice! And then we get Janine’s Teacher Voice to top it off? They have the set the bar so high, can’t wait for it be back.
Oh my god I love this show. Someone just put on in the background last night and I ended up bingeing 6 episodes and will finish the season tonight. All involved are just amazing. “I offered her 1 dollar and she became Viola Davies”!!!
I have no doubt that ABC will want more of a full season order going forward. It’s not like this show just came in and did the job. It’s clear it far exceeded expectations and will be a push for the network again.
It'll definitely have a full season order, it ended the season as ABCs #2 comedy and #4 scripted series overall. They badly need a new hit comedy, so I think they'll properly invest in giving it a nice promo push for season 2. Hopefully it gets some Emmy love this year, too, to help raise awareness about the show in the fall.


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"Adding in a week of multiplatform viewing, the episode jumped 200% to a 1.8 rating, tying the show’s series high, and added 3.1 million viewers to reach 5.9 million total, per ABC...

Over its 13-episode first season, the average seven-day delayed viewership for “Abbott Elementary” has made it ABC’s highest-rated new comedy among adults 18-49 across linear and digital platforms since “The Conners” debuted as the rebranded “Roseanne” during the 2018-19 season.

This is viewing has certainly surged during the pandemic, but for this to be competing with a show that already had decades-worth of investment is another impressive element. I find "Insecure" to have paved so much of this show's path, but as a program on a more widely-known network, it has the potential to move and blossom further. It's really, really satisfying to see!