Abbott Elementary (S3)

Might be sacrilege to say, but I think the episodes so far have been more ‘ok’ than ‘great’, but the teacher’s aide at the end of the third episode definitely brought a new, needed energy to the show.
Something that's been bugging me is their weird need to overexplain jokes, like all of the white people Barbara's been mistaking for black. I just wish they'd trust the audience a bit more. That said, the show still delivers with the subtle jokes and callbacks. In ep 3 I loved seeing Ava's picture with Gritty on her desk. And I howled when Mr. Johnson showed up at the end with a filthy shawl around his neck.


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I think the first few episodes were just a bit bumpy because they've clearly taken into consideration the show's reception and its successful comedic points, but this episode shows that they've moved past that and have fallen back into the natural charm that it started with. I also like the element of conflict that they've introduced between Barbara and Janine.
I've actually found season two to be stronger than season one. I feel like season one did a good job of introducing us to this cast, but season two is really allowing the supporting cast to shine. I feel like they've found this groove and the episodes just glide by. I like that they can put any two people in a scene together and it just works. They have amazing chemistry.
Just finished the first season, and I enjoyed it but I’m not as enamoured as I expected.

That said, I love Barbara and Melissa. Two absolute icons. It’s interesting that Quinta writes the older characters so brilliantly, while some of the younger ones are a bit annoying.