Abbott Elementary (S3)



Finally caught up and the show has been hitting it out of the park after a bit of a rough patch at the beginning of the season. The last few have been amazing though, and they're really hitting their groove when it comes to defining the characters without making them caricatures. I'm also loving the new recurring side characters, particularly Melissa's sister/Inspector Gadget/Carmen Sandiego. The charter school meta plot honestly has me on my toes!
This weeks episode INFURIATED me. Reminded me of all the TikTok bullshit I have to navigate every day. I almost shut the episode off.

I s2g as a teacher this show makes me so frustrated at times. Maybe because a lot of aspects of it are comedy for non-teachers, but for teachers it hits too close to home.
Finally caught up, and I'm surprised how fast they resolved the charter school plot. I thought it would be a running plotline through the finale. I'm loving the world of side characters that the show continues to build up though. It was great to see a lot of the parents and teachers back for the Festival episode. "My email is S-L-U--"

And is it weird that I kinda want Janine to end up back with Tariq? Zack Fox in that wet t-shirt was doing things for me.
I’ve read people felt season two wasn’t as good, but there wasn’t a bad episode for me. I thought they finally got to really dive into the entire ensemble and I love how they built their relationships with each other. It had a lot of heart and laughs.

Gregory in particular really benefitted from season two. He’s no longer an outsider and you seem him starting to care for his coworkers. Not just Janine, but his relationship with Jacob has been cute to watch evolve.

The only thing I thought fell flat was Janine’s sister but they more than made up for it with her mom. That episode was so heartbreaking but it explained so much about why Janine is the way she is. I hope we see her sorry ass Mom again.