Abbott Elementary (S3)

May Sweeps run confirmed now so ABC has real faith in it.

Also, IMDB updated today and episode 13 is called “Zoo Balloon”, so I’m thinking that Reddit user is accurate!

If it's taking a three week break then the show would end early to mid-April. November/February/May sweeps aren't really a thing anymore though are they? The networks have pretty much moved away from scheduling their shows with that in mind now that they are aiming for more year-round programming, especially during covid times.
I’m shocked we still haven’t had a renewal announcement. Maybe they are waiting for the week it starts airing again…
I just read this on Twitter and came to post, but you beat me to it! If teachers and students will benefit by me supporting Abbott Elementary, sign me up for a lifetime membership. In lieu of a tote and t-shirt, just send more money to the schools. Seriously, I couldn’t love this show more.