Abbott Elementary (S3)

I think 'Desking' might be my favorite episode thus far.

Though I am gonna need Miss Ava to find another scandal to blackmail the superintendent over because I do not want to see the good sis fired, or even worse, have to work.

They really wrote a perfect series finale just in case it didn’t get picked up. Everything was wrapped up perfectly.

I thought I would be happy that Janine asked Tariq for a break but with their goodbye handshake, I was actually sad. The brilliance in the writing in that you know Janine deserves better but also that Tariq isn’t really that bad of a guy, they both just have growing to do.

I really loved the way even the janitor got to have his moment and they came full circle on the “trash!” moments from earlier in the season.

My favorite moment:

I have a serious soft spot for their relationship.

I truly cannot wait for Season 2!
I started this last night and ended up watching 8 episodes ddd. The way it gets better with every episode has been so rewarding to watch. It very much feels like getting to see what will become an iconic comedy finding its footing. Honestly, it's already stronger than it has any right to be for the first season, so I can't even imagine where it'll go from here. The cast is just perfect. Ava fucking kills me.
Well, it’s been a joy looking forward to this for the past few months. This season was flawless. I don’t know that I have anything to add to what has already been said. I will echo that I think this season was produced to perfection. Had it not been given a future, the final episode did a great job closing the show out. I can wait for season two and beyond. Perfection, flawless, wrap it in gold, give them all the awards! I can’t wait for more. It’s going to be torture waiting for next season, but it’ll be worth it.