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Abbott Elementary

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mr.Arroz, Jan 17, 2022.

  1. Deadline published a bunch of words I don’t understand, but they seem like good ones:

    Freshman Abbott Elementary is truly the head of the class at ABC, with its debut marking the network’s first comedy premiere to quadruple ratings since its original airing.

    Created, written and starring Quinta Brunson, Abbott Elementary debuted back in December to earn a 0.6 rating in the 18-49 demo and 2.79 million viewers, per fast affiliates. However, after 35 days of viewing across ABC’s linear and digital platforms, the series premiere shot up 300% in the demo for a 2.4 rating and 7.1 million total viewers. Per ABC, Abbott’s opening marked the largest percentage growth from L+SD to MP35 for any new comedy premiere. ABC started tracking MP35 performance in September 2017.
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  2. I really love this show. It’s charming, funny and has a lot of heart. Plus, the cast is so good.
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  3. I'm hoping like other Hulu shows, this comes over the atlantic on Disney+
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  4. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    The newest episode was soooooo good. I have so much faith in it and seeing Sheryl Lee Ralph so regularly again makes me smile.
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  5. “My bad, y’all. She was supposed to skip second grade, but they told me during Essence Fest. I missed a lot of paperwork during that month.”
    “Isn’t Essence Fest just a weekend?”
    “Maybe for y’all…”
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  6. This weeks episode and the Power outage episode have been the absolute funniest so far. The writing is so sharp and on point.

    Barbara telling Ava she wanted “non titty money” when she won the bet with a straight face. I HOLLERED.
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  7. I could be wrong (it would only be the third time this has ever happened) but I feel like, in this “peak TV” era, there always ends up being one show from one of the original four networks that becomes a critics’ darling and usually makes some appearances during awards season (“The Good Place” and “black-ish” come to mind) — hoping that “Abbott Elementary” will do the same.
  8. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    This show gets more quotable every week.

  9. Loved this

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  10. “I’m smart! Can I go to chicken school?” SCREAM.
  11. Wait...Sheryl Lee Ralph and Lisa Ann Walter are both on this? How did I not already know this? Why have I not watched this yet? I should be flayed.
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  12. This show is so good! I haven't laughed at anything like I have with this in such a long time. Usually with a show like this there is a character I don't care for, but every character here is essential.

    And of course Ava has been iconic since Day 1!
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  13. “I’m busy, Caillou” SCREAM
  14. Between this:

    And this:

    If this show isn’t nominated for multiple Emmy’s next go around, I’m fighting somebody.

    Best episode of the series yet. It was hilarious and filled with so much heart. I actually teared up a little at the moment Janine and Jacob shared at the end. The writers of this show are impeccable and just know the pitch perfect moment for everything.

    ABC, where’s the multi-season renewal at?
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  15. Janelle is a force. Between her falling off the chair, calling Janine Dorkdash, waving a dollar at Gregory while he was dancing in his classroom, and asking if she was secretly Morman because she needs more man, she left me dead. Queen! The whole cast is flawless. They couldn’t have picked a better group of people. Even Tariq is endearing enough that you want to see more of his messiness. Make him the stage manager and producer of the music/arts department, and give us more iconic moments like this gem which left me choking for a good minute:
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  16. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Ava be coming for Janine's ASS. Like, she won't ever let her be great and it's hilarious every time.
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  17. Is this over next week?? I’ve only seen tell of 9 episodes.
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  18. I don’t believe so. I think it got a 13-episode midseason order.
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  19. There’s only one thing I can say to that!


    Oh, actually, I might say this too

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