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Abbott Elementary

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mr.Arroz, Jan 17, 2022.

  1. It’s bloody brilliant.
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  2. Mr.Arroz

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    I just don't like how some critiques have focused on it not being a 110% envisioning of "actual teachers" and "schools", but that's the not the point of TV, especially scripted dramas/comedies. They're meant to combine entertainment, escapism, humor, alongside giving viewers the ability to dig deeper into the the realism at which they hint. TV shows do not and cannot display complete reality because they are manufactured ideas meant to offer viewers access to things that might be out of their reach.

    Even at its worst, Insecure combined the same elements to provide storylines around the same inclusion of humor, self-deprecation, some fantasy elements, and clearly conveniently-engineered plot points to make successful storylines. That's what people should remember. It's a show yes, but it's also highlighting things with which viewers might be unfamiliar. It's a creative product - completely imagined. The harsh critiques be doing all the way the most.
  3. I might not teach in America but as a teacher in London, even I can see the truth in how it presents some schools and teachers, albeit exaggerated for entertainment. It's part of the reason why I like it so much- I can relate to the budget problems and the desperation at times!
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  5. I know this isn’t critical news for this moment, but in case you missed it:

  6. My wish for her is that she never feels the need to do a Very Special Episode.
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  7. "Go ahead and start your little Mutant Accadedy!"
  8. “It was like Bring it on with black people on both sides, so you know they ain’t ever gonna make that movie” - oh my god I’m 9 episodes deep into Abbot Elementary and I am OBSESSED. What a perfect tv show. Love!
  9. I have 3 episodes left and I don't want to finish the season. I'm already dying to see season 2.
  10. I want more people to know about this show!!!
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  11. I feel like when it comes back with its second season, it'll have an even bigger push with press, posters, etc. Similar to how The Office and Parks and Recreation came back bigger their second seasons.
  12. Is this any good? I wanna start watching it.
  13. Yes, it's great!
  14. Finished the season. I cried at the last episode, this show has so much heart. I hope they air season two in the UK around the same time it’s airing in America.
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  16. Quinta just got an Emmy nomination for Lead Actress! And an Outstanding Comedy Series nom!


    They also scored supporting nods for Tyler, Janelle, and Sheryl!
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  17. 7 nominations total, including Outstanding Comedy Series. Great debut showing!
  18. This is fab news. Gives Quinta more power going forward too I think and incentive for the network to pour a ton of effort into this.
  19. No network show this year deserves it more.
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