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Absolutely Fabulous

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. Let The Eat Cake, now there's a blast from the past! I seem to remember it being no where near as good as the premises, but chucklesome all the same.

    But now it's reminded me of their Dangerous Liaisons skit which was bloody brilliant, their reveal within the curtains was a classic.
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  2. I remember quite liking Let Them Eat Cake as a kid and taping it every week. Ah, memories.
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  3. In Ab Fab's case, it was sitcoms that jump from the small screen to the small screen (see 90s Ab Fab to 2000s Ab Fab). I don't think there was much rehash in the film to be honest aside from the Patsy drinking perfume and Gabon crap. The few others were genuine nods. Now Bean, my god, that was one big rehash mess.

    I can't look at Robert Webb without picturing his dick in my head after watching Confetti. He's scrumptious.
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  4. I am still hoping someone in my family have responded to my hints about getting this for Christmas! Can't wait to see it again.
  5. Eddie in the car-wash shower. Patsy asking if she can get away with those lips, saying they're bleeding around the edges and Eddie saying "darling, they're hemorrhaging".

    Eddie's spray tan. "Pants off Eddie." "Darling, they are off." and Patsy's reaction.

    Emma Bunton's awful over-acting (but so bad it's good). Eddie trying to get her to do a documentary with Queen Noir. "well all that's left is minging or blinging with Geri". Emma being able to decipher what Bubble is saying.

    Patsy sorting the pens "I'm going to see which ones work and which ones don't and then throw away the ones that don't."
    Eddie not wanting Patsy to throw away the cereal toy from Lord of the Rings. "I was going to collect them all but I went off Honey Potts."

    Emma swearing at them both as they aren't being quick enough. "If you think I'm going to take that kind of sh!t..."

    That's just a few of the funny bits from that episode but there's heaps more.
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  6. Series 5 is bloody brilliant.
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  7. I think it gets a bad rep on here but I enjoy most of the episodes.
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  8. I intensely dislike the awful kitchen/lounge hybrid redesign in series 5.
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  9. I like season 5. I have a weakness for the Gabon joke, that disturbing midget midwife, the I will kill you line, Titticaca. God, Tittica should've been in the movie, just getting overexcited and getting slapped.
  10. Season 5 is more funny for me that Season 4 I'd say. The episode when Saffy gives birth is hilarious!
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  11. Then "Miranda" took it. Series 4's set design was so cold with its muted colors. Series 5 looked like a fun house. Jennifer brought in two extra writers for series 5. I guess S5 sort of looked like Big Brother, which they parodied. At any rate, 2000s AB Fab was like a Drag Race parody of Ab Fab.
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  12. I should probably get around to this one. Any word on when it'll be on Netflix, Amazon? Or HBO, Showtime etc?
  13. I literally rushed home each Friday night after football games in high school to watch series 5 when it premiered on the Oxygen network here in the US. I thought it was strange Comedy Central didn't get it back since they aired seasons 1-4 and the Last Shout special.
  14. Just stream it on a website sis
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  15. "In the bath, sweetie" the panic room episode is funny.
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  16. I... can wait.
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  17. I literally can't watch anything past the first 18 eps and The Last Shout anymore.

    I wonder how the series would've developed had Series 4 happened in 1996 instead of 2001.

    The series just seems to be long to the nineties.
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  18. So I'm finally watching The Movie, and it's 50 minutes in, and only the Black Beautician ("Fat Woman"), and the plane scenes with Rebel Wilson have made me laugh heartily. The rest is semi-amusing, but not a classic by any means.
    "I've started..."
  19. I saw the Death episode on TV last night. Series 2 of Ab Fab really is 2nd to none.
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  20. I think if you're in a silly mood, haven't watched an episode of AbFab in about 3 years and maybe you've got a glass of wine in hand then it's a serviceable movie.
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