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Absolutely Fabulous

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. I had a whole bottle... and I still found that i had to force myself to laugh.
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  2. You calling me a lightweight?
  3. Ha! No, not at all. Easily amused, maybe?? *wink face*

    In all fairness, my viewing of the movie came in quick succession of binging on the entire series. So, maybe that was my problem.
  4. I'm kind of glad there will be no film sequel .Quite enjoyed the film, but leave it at that.
  5. Finally caught it on a plane ride. Oh, lord, what a stinker. And I say that as someone who has enjoyed every season of the show.

  6. AbFab at it's best, and then some.
  7. Poor is one of the best episodes of AbFab ever. I die every single time they get out of the car after the woman beeps at them and start attacking her car.
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  8. I know its probably only minor joke in the scheme of things, but the "Stale piece of toast" insult Patsy gives Saffy, just makes me laugh big time. Such a random line.
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  9. Jennifer and Joanna together are magic and that speech was epic especially the full unedited version.

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  10. Bubble is my fav.
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  11. "Minnie? Minnie Driver?......Is it a dwarf?"
  12. IS IT A DWARF?!
  13. Jane Horrocks in general is amazing. Her TV special from 1996 is fantastic.
  14. I've decided that I want another full series after rewatching series 5. The feet of Saddam Hussein in the sitting room fucking kills me.

    Although the film was okay it really doesn't work in that format at all.
  15. Mad to think that the last full series of Ab Fab was 14 years ago!
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  16. Yes, but the joke lands after seeing Eddie and Patsy's reactions to her question though...
  17. The three special episodes and the movie were all pretty bad. I don't think Jennifer has much (any) material for these characters now and it would just be a re-hash of the same jokes. Best leave it. I do actually really like Series 5 but after the movie - I just don't see where you could take these characters now.
  18. Season 6: Eddie's new fad is getting stripped back and "country" in her look, a two minute rant about Gemma Collins and a couple of references to Katy Perry being problematic.
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  19. Oh gosh. It'll happen too won't it...

    Maybe they could make it work if;

    . Saffron no longer lived there and became more of a 'bit piece' character like 'mother/gran/Bubble' as I don't think the Saffron character adds much anymore.
    . Eddie loses her job/clients and money and somehow has to survive on a budget (a bit like the 'Poor' episode but it would be a permanent fixture with no hidden income etc.) Perhaps she hasn't ever paid taxes and now owes millions.
    . Patsy is forced to retire and has to find something else to do with her free time - maybe she has some kind of health scare/operation which means she can't drink or do drugs so is now living an alternative lifestyle, much to Eddies dismay.
    . Eddie can have a lodger in order to help pay or bills or maybe we even see her having to sell her home and live in a smaller house/flat etc.If she had a lodger it could be a weird/crazy person played by Sue Perkins.

    Even then it would probably still be all the same jokes.
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  20. Patsy could inexplicably get a job as a host on Loose Woman and then have a fight with Janet Street Porter over who was the most successful at their job as editors-at-large.

    Edit: this sequence would be very toothy.
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