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Absolutely Fabulous

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. ^ and Eddie is desperate to become a YouTube celebrity so she streams herself 24/7.
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  2. OK I'd actually love this.
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  3. Imagine if there had been a series of AbFab (or a special) in 2006, it would be a certainty that Eddie would have gone on Celebrity Big Brother or I'm A Celebrity. Possibly also Eddie auditioning for that Celebrity X Factor that they did one time.
  4. Happy 25th Birthday Absolutely Fabulous:

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  5. Haha the first three series/18 episodes & The Last Shout have such high rewatch ability.

    I wish Jennifer had written a fourth series in the mid nineties.
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  6. This would be brilliant. I would live for the Loose Women all playing gross caricatures of themselves.

    Colon could just play herself, of course.
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  7. The Last Shout was an amazing "ending". I also did enjoy Series 4 and 5 actually. Apart from the specials from this decade I've enjoyed every episode and the movie was genuinely incredible.

    If they did another series, they'd have to do another episode abroad. Maybe to Lisbon, Portugal so Eddie can keep chasing that dream of PR-ing Madonna.
  8. I was watching "Gay" for the first time in about 10 years and this creased me just as much as it used to

    "I know he didn't come from below because you wouldn't have been able to see him! He'd have been stuck down there for days"
  9. Bo is one of my favourite re-accruing characters. Much better than Eddie's Ex's
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  10. 'You only work in a shop, you know. You can drop the attitude' has me howling each time I watch The Last Shout.

    Also, a very underrated moment from the same special:

    Patsy: BLEEPER?
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  11. "No! She has spoken! Cowboy Hats are back".

    We should have a rate of fave Ab Fab lines.
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  12. "Eddie... is it a bee?"
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  13. One of my fave scenes is from one of the early eps (can't recall which exactly) when Patsy wants Saffy to model her clothes for her and enters her bedroom for the first time.

    "Its exactly what I imagined a patterned cell"

    Pats and Saffy scenes are amongst my faves in general.
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  14. Wait, isn’t that line from Death?

    I was watching it last night and she said the exact same thing in an art gallery.
  15. Yes! Got my episodes mixed up. For some reason I thought that's what she said to the shop girl while visiting Lacroix in The Last Shout.
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