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AcceleRATE: Biggest Pop Girls of 2018

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. Also One Kiss sounds like something they'd play in a W Hotel lobby.
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  2. Hello Laura Vanderbooben. I think Ariana Grande is the best pop girl of 2018, followed by Dua Lips.
  3. Another Top 30 for the forum's fav LGBTQ+ icon?
  4. This only peaked at #26??? I swear I’ve unwittingly heard this song at least once a day. This rate has been so informative and also shocking.
  5. Who are these very dramatic people? According to the now-defunct theory of the Four Humours, they have an excess of bile.
  6. My brand.
  7. "Let You Love Me" beating "One Kiss" is a CRIME.
  8. This post is kind of iconic, though.
  9. Scream, I meant "hetties"!

    I would've been fine with One Kiss cracking the top 30. We really do need some of the schmaltziness to get out.
  10. Wait what the fuck I'm stanning.
  11. Remember when people claimed Dua was doing the heavy lifting for this in the UK and that Calvin needed her to make the song smash only for Electrcity to come and go like nothing.

    Also I just remembered how this blocked No Tears from #1.

  12. Something in




    Lit up heaven in me



  13. ASIB soundtrack <3
  14. Halsey left at #52 though :/

  15. Okay but this really is the better song, though. What a fucking BOP and it has warm, passionate vocals? One Kiss found dead eyed.

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  16. It spent seven weeks in the top 10 in the U.K. and felt like it was everywhere long after that chart rule bombed its chart position. It was no "One Kiss" obviously but it still ~felt like a pretty big moment.
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  17. One Kiss is a cute old-school house bop, and I probably would've rated it higher except I am SO SICK of it being everywhere.

    It's absolutely correct that Rita is still in this.
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  18. One Kiss not making top ten? Wow!
    2019 churning out some tops up in here.
    Okay okay!
  19. Xtina and all her songs (minus 2 + the interludes) strutting into the Top 30.

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