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AcceleRATE: Biggest Pop Girls of 2018

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    Ari’s next cut will surely be Better Off, but the amount of middling material on Xtina and Gaga’s albums surely pass out the next ten spots
  2. Middling material... Xtina?

    @2014 / @RainOnFire. Out of curiosity: can you ban a mod?
  3. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    ddd middling is a compliment for...a lot of what's here

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  4. Fall in Line next to God Is a Woman in that alphabetical list.

  5. Rem


    Daily reminder Accelerate and Pipe still slap so hard and should go top 10.

  6. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    Now girl don’t do all that girl I’ve been slapping 3s and 4s on most of the dross that long vacated this rate and now I’m seeing off 5s and 6s.
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  7. The pop songs from A Star Is Born outlasting all of the other Walgreen's™ brand ballads on there would be a true PopJustice.
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  8. In a year's time we're gonna look back and wonder how all those shite ASIB songs made it so far.
  9. I think in a year's time we'll still be talking about Demi's Found Footage fart.
  10. One Kiss really is sooo fucking boring. I didn't totally tank it because Dulipee is a pleasant girl, but christ... perk up a bit.
  11. Hair Body Face
    Heal Me
    I’ll Never Love Again
    Why Did You Do That

    These are not good songs.

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  12. Can all leave next
  13. She did it. Charting Icon Rita Ora (CIRO)
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  14. Gaga marching into the upper echelon with that phoned-in ass song from Star is Born....


    Basic wins again.

    Why did you do that do that do that do that to the BPG rate....
  15. Always Remember Us This Way
    Chun Li
    Hair Body Face
    Heal Me
    I’ll Never Love Again
    Is That Alright?
    Let You Love Me

    pls leave, next
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  16. Why Did You Do That? is a wig snatching basic bop, I make absolutely no apologies for loving it, and I hope it’s at least Top 15 just to leave y’all pressed and stressed. Someone run Ms. Diane ha Best Original Song Øsskær.

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  17. Help I've just listened to Why Did You Do That? with good headphones and heard the bass for the first time. Should have given a point more.
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  18. [​IMG]

    SCORE: 7.426

    Highest Scores:
    11 x 2 (@MrMannacroix, @munro), 10 x 20 (@kalonite, @Sail On, @CorgiCorgiCorgi, @Dangerous Maknae, @Jacques, @Sprockrooster, @aaronhansome, @Andy French, @Slice of Life, @Mr Blonde, @Jersey, @Guy, @Sanctuary, @tylerc904, @R92, @Untitled, @ericcccc, @Blond, @Lindsay Lohan, @evilsin)
    Lowest Scores: 1 x 1 (@happiestgirl), 2 x 1 (@RJF) asfjlkasjlkjaf, 3 x 2 (@Aester, @Cutlery)

    Bless the Little Mainesters for still mocking up cute single artwork for their Blogspots like it's 2011. Love saving getting back some of the time I lost while typing up twenty of your names up there. Not only that, this is our first song to have two 11s! If memory serves - and I saw this movie in October so bear with me - this is the song that plays over the credits, oui?

    Whoever is going to tell me, I bet it's not gonna be Solenciennes. "I might be more taken by this if I'd seen the movie I guess huh." I feel like this gets overshadowed by the bigger ballads of the film, but hey, it still romped into the top 30. The Gaga history on this forum runs deep. "Yes, it’s alright," giggles Raichu, quite pleased with himself. "Nice melody, but I’ve heard this song way too many times." ericcccc deems this song "not being in the movie itself is a crime," validating my memory, and then comes armed with a signature nuclear take: "It’s also Gaga’s best ballad." :|

    R27 whimpers. Literally, that's what he wrote. johnny_tsunami calls it "Properly the most solid of the adult A/C tracks here. Could have been featured more in the movie." Ashling92 is fully unenthused. "While this soundtrack has some great highs, it also has some middle of the road meh-ness and this is one of those moments. I don’t really have an opinion on this." Remorque dubs it "uninteresting as fuck, but Ally gives us a fantastic performance though." evilsin, overcome by sorrow, shakes his fist at the heavens and wails. "Goddamn those onion cutting ninjas! If I were to rate this without seeing the movies, I would've given this a far lower score, but I fucking can't contain my tears when I listen to this with the movie looming in the background. The lyrics are so simple and so poignant, so warm and so true. Waaaah, I'm crying again."

    The lowest score came from happiestgirl, who was actually the third voter of the entire rate - the first two both gave this a 10, so I knew it was in for quite a ride. "Wooow these bland lyrics? Let’s teach our kids to say please and thank you? I mean you should, but what a dumb line. I’m tired of this soundtrack. I’m sure it all has a lovely meaning in the movie but as standalone I could just listen to like a Celine Dion album or something." Verandi gives it a 4 and mumbles, "Gaga, sis..." but she can't hear you over all the award show applause. tylerc904 names it as "ballad of the album, despite the majority leaning towards either Remember/Never Love. It takes a lot to make someone as loveless and empty as me feeeeeel something."

    Beautiful Child 2 shrugs, "like a lot of this soundtrack, it's undeniably well-crafted but this kind of smaltz is just not to my taste." She's edgy! constantino is aroused by the lack of men. How off-brand. "One of the stronger melodies on the album. Unlike 80% of this soundtrack, this leaves some form of impact. And not a note from Bradley in sight, whew!" Mr Blonde is moved to tears whenever he can't remember who someone is at a party: "'and I know your story, but tell me again' might be the simplest and hardest hitting lyric in this rate to be honest." Sprockrooster finds "the echoing adlib is a wig set on fire."

    sapnu puas gives in. "ok I’m here for the desperation in her voice. Emote @ me." Mirwais Ahmadzaï does just that, drubbing this with, "This is the most pedestrian song on the album. Nice... inoffensive... meh? There are a lot of really schmaltzy ballads in this rate." Blond gives me a fucking math equation: "Lady Gaga singing acoustically with a piano is exactly what I need from her approximately 20% of the time. She does this so well." Jersey says "The last time Gaga made me cry was with Joanne (ed. note: Same) and I didn’t think she’d be bringing the waterworks again so soon after. Short, sweet and to the damn point." Speaking of Million Reasons, I guess Trouble in Paradise never heard it. "Something about this feels so disingenuous. Like Gaga wrote a song specifically for Middle America to prove she could. It’s completely competent but I never want to listen to it again." And here comes RJF, unsurprisingly quivering with fury, but managing to both hint at a slice of Star is Born herstory and diss Ed Sheeran. "If Beyoncé had waited a year she could have at least jumped on a treacly, simpering, first dance at John and Karen’s wedding mess that helped a gorl out instead of the one she ended up opting for."

    That takes us to munro, an 11 here, who uses that exact same reason to praise it. "You just know the hetties are going to use this at weddings for years to come and I’m here for it. The lyrics are really really cute and she sounds amazing. Million Reasons wishes she was this kind of girl."

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  19. It's not overtly terrible but it's total meh-ness just didn't deserve anything more than a 5.
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