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Ace of Base - the original incarnation

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. I had a bit of a Base renaissance yesterday, realising I'd NEVER heard Flowers!

    Weirdly, considering they're likely the closest thing to the ABBA form (boys create, girls sing), I was never a huge fan but there's some amazing stuff in their repertoire, but some of it foiled by really bizarre lyrics.

    Our school took us to Auschwitz in 1994 and the only cassette the bus drivers had was Happy Nation so during two 32-hour trips there and back it was slowly driving us insane. I always thought they were a bit grumpy given that album title as well!

    The Bridge was a major disappointment; the singles were good (Beautiful Life is probably their best Europop moment) but that album was way too long and dragged and I've never upgraded from cassette.

    I'm still getting into Flowers. Da Capo was so-so, about 50% decent. The new album is surprisingly solid, again with some odd pronunciations peppered through it but I miss Linn and Jenny (though I never could tell them apart vocally).

    Favourite non-singles:
    Waiting for Magic; Hear Me Calling; Young and Proud; Strange Ways; Tokyo Girl; Change with the Light; Remember the Words; Show Me Love
  2. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    That made me laugh. I just pictured all these schoolkids getting off a bus and saying "Oh thank fuck we've arrived at a Nazi concentration camp so we don't have to listen to All That She Wants again."
  3. I was pretty much obsessed with Ace Of Base between 1993 & 2003.Then I just lost interest and moved on with all the drama in the band and on fan forums...

    Have you heard the demo tracks released by Jonas a few months ago? A lot of them are from what was supposed to be the original Da Capo album and they are very good!
  4. Blooming 18 one of the best things they ever did, but I agree that The Bridge was disappointing besides the singles. Such a shame Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry wasn't a hit here in the UK, or that the first two singles weren't top 10 or top 5s.
  5. Did they even release that as a single in the UK? I thought they abandoned the campaign after two singles.

    Yeah, it was an interesting trip. Two coaches of 15-year-olds crying at images of the Holocaust and then humming Don't Turn Around without realising.
  6. I never meant to suggest it was, but it really should have been. Even when they had a hit, the record company just couldn't stop fretting it seems - not liking videos, cancelling singles, remixing songs, etc. I do like that certain songs from Flowers were released in different territories - as if showing some sections of the label did see they had potential if that makes sense. Flowers is unbelievably strong - it could be split into three and its songs used as singles for different albums. If Travel To Romantis was indeed too European, then there was plenty more to chose from and Always Have did rather well considering the time of year it came out in the UK. C'est La Vie was another one that should have had a UK release.
  7. Flowers is my favourite album from them, followed by The Bridge, Happy Nation US Version and Da Capo. Da Capo would have been far better if the label hadn't messed so much with the original song and tracklisting.
  8. MC


    Lucky Love and Never Gonna Say I'm sorry were two gems I discovered when I bought "Singles of the 90s". What version of Lucky Love was released in the UK? There's a version on Youtube that sounds more acoustic-y, with a video.
  9. Happy Nation and Flowers are great albums.
    I was disappointed with The Bridge too.
    I also thought it had too many songs (which were a bit bland).
    Da Capo was good, but not great.
    Haven't heard their new album yet.
    I suppose I have lost interest a bit now Jenny and Linn have gone.
    Maybe I'll give it a listen. I did like All for You.

    Favourites - Waiting for Magic, Wheel of Fortune, Young & Proud, The Sign, Beautiful Life, My Deja Vu, Travel to Romantis, He Decides, I Pray, Tokyo Girl, Everytime It Rains, Change with the Light
  10. What?! The Bridge is their best album! It sounds so ethereal and mysterious... Whispers In Blindness, Wave Wet Sand, Ravine are all perfect. Oh, who could forget Experience Pearls aka the most beautiful song of all time?
  11. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I love you. And of course agree.
  12. Have you heard the dance version, Pearls of Experience?
  13. I think The Bridge is their best album too. It WAS so long though at the time of cassette, and I think it was the first album I had that was actually that long, but like someone said before it was so dark and mysterious. Quite a revalation at the time.

    I can't fault any of the first 4 albums, there are handful and handful of gems on all.
  14. So what was the deal with Jenny the way she suddenly just started standing hidden away in the corner in videos and stuff? It just seemed rather odd and sudden.
  15. If i remember correct she was attacked by a fan but im not sure.
  16. It was Linn, not Jenny. I think I read somewhere that some fan got in their home and threatened them or something.
  17. I might re-try The Bridge as it seems there's lots of love for it. I can only remember a handful of tracks from it.

    *searches for cassette playing device*
  18. Jenny & her mom were attacked by a German fan who got into their house in 1994. Jenny wrote a song about it on The Bridge called "Ravine".

    Linn started fading away during The Bridge promo (wearing sunglasses all the time) but it was more noticeable during the Flowers/Cruel Summer era since she was always standing in the background playing keyboard and not singing her parts. For Da Capo, only Jenny & Ulf were promoting the album. According to Ulf, Linn officially "left" the band in 2007, just before they went on tour in Eastern Europe and tried to relaunch themselves as a trio.

    No one knows the reason for sure but the consensus is that she got scared of fame and being in the spotlight. She just wanted to be a singer, not a performer and that's why she kept on singing in the studio but not live.
  19. So Linn's vocals are still on the latter two albums? Did she sing lead on anything other than Everytime it Rains?
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