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Ace of Base - the original incarnation

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. They actually offered to clean them up for her but it didn’t happen. To go in and play the songs like that, along with one being political, wasn’t the greatest idea. Malin used a dictaphone to record her songs.
  2. Malin has such a lovely tone in her voice. I found it heartbreaking to listen to Everytime It Rains once I got to know the backstory.

    The whole thing with Malin is such a mystery to me. Jenny and her were both treated bad by the American label, no doubt about that. Luckily today it's much easier to record and release music since you're not dependent on a big label anymore. But sadly it doesn't seem to matter as Malin clearly has no desire to be a public persona again.

    Has it really been 18 years since the last photo of her?
  3. Yes, it's from the Da Capo promo in late 2002. That picture was photoshopped though (the one on Wikipedia). She had her eyes closed when it was taken.
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  4. So the release date has been pushed back to July, 3rd...
  5. I just saw that. I hope it’s just a minor manufacturing delay and not a let’s-wait-for-Rona-to-be-over.
  6. Does super deluxe edition website charge you straight away? I was going to order it but if this keeps getting delayed I’m not sure?
  7. They did with me. I paid via PayPal.
  8. I'm not surprised by the push-Linn attitude in America, they have quite the fixation with that 'classic Swedish' aesthetic. Agnetha Faltskog experienced the same thing in the 1970s.

    That said, was she a better singer? Being sisters, they had/have a very similar tone and I couldn't often tell which was singing.
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  9. It took me a while to figure out there were two women when I was younger and hadn’t seen the music videos or put much thought into the people on the cover.
  10. Malin and Jenny have very different voices. Malin has a deeper voice and a unique vibrato that is hard to replicate. Jenny is a mezzo-soprano whereas Malin is a contralto. Malin actually sang a lot of the songs on the first album because Jenny couldn’t handle the key. They even tried Jenny on All That She Wants and it didn’t work. It really wasn’t until Flowers that the band began writing songs with Jenny’s voice in mind.
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  11. These ranges are right next to each other.
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  12. I am not that familiar with the difference in their voices but they do seem very similar to me. In The Sign you could think the whole thing was Linn.
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  13. Jenny's voice is higher.

    They do sound similar on Flowers and Da Capo because Jenny got better at immitating Linn's voice to please everyone.
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  14. Malin and Jenny acapella.

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  15. I was just listening to the Happy Nation stems. Malin’s voice is breathtaking.
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  16. Not to mention that Malin has a thicker accent than Jenny. There are a lot of things I agree with when it comes to Ace of Base, but their voices being the same I cannot. Even Clive Davis recognized this. Everytime It Rains would have been a completely different song had Jenny sung it. Malin’s vibrato is exquisite. The band knew there was no replicating it.
  17. Jenny's cover of Wonderful Life still sounds dreamy.

  18. Malin has such a beautiful unique voice. Don’t think I’ve heard any other singer similar to her.

    I wonder if she ever recorded solo music or if she just gave up music completely after Ace of Base.
  19. If she recorded solo music it was on her own. Mega Records was set to offer her a deal but she wanted out by that time. She had written and produced her own stuff but for inclusion on the band’s albums. Malin was the one who would put her foot down and tell the others exactly what she thought which was sometimes hard for them to deal with. The thing is she was often right. Claes (of Mega) has many stories about her uneasiness being in a band that was getting bigger and bigger. At one awards ceremony their names kept being called and Malin was increasingly uneasy and irritated. She was happier with the success in Europe. The US is where it began to fall apart for her. Jonas has said that she developed agoraphobia for a time.
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  20. The lead vocals kick in at 1:00

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