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Ace of Base - the original incarnation

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. "Lapponia" isn't finished and Malin doesn't want it released. Claes actually sent a request to clean it up a few years ago and she said no through her lawyer. The fact that we even have "Lapponia" now should be enough. We also have the other mix of "Pearls of Experience". Sure, it would be nice to have every song on ONE complete set, but it's probably never gonna happen. I'm just thrilled we got em. I'm more interested in those Sign album tracks that have never been heard before. I wonder how many songs the band recorded.

    Was "Who Am I" and "Vision in Blue" written for what would become The Sign album?

    Claes, I believe, didn't have Jenny's version of "Everytime It Rains" but it was recorded by another artist and their version was very much in line with Jenny's - more upbeat and rockier.
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  2. I didn’t know about Claes’ Lapponia attempt through her lawyer. Not surprised that nothing came of it.
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  3. Amazon finally lifted their international embargo on this! I’m so excited for this, July can’t come quickly enough!

    I’m not surprised this was made with fan input as it's packed to the brim instead of leaving “the original album as is”. To those of you who worked on this, @AcerBenII and @Rod (congratulations on your remix!) thank you!
  4. He did leak a version of it
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  5. Question: Which was the proper single version of “Waiting For Magic”? Was it the radio edit based on the amazing, dark, thumping original mix or the lame Total remix 7” that took out all the bite but replaced the original mix on subsequent re-releases editions?
  6. It was of course only released in a handful of countries, but I would have thought it was the radio edit of the original, being track 1 on all releases. And that's what they performed here

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  7. Thank you. I’m making a Singles compilation and just wanted to make sure that was the correct version since both the cover art and the iTunes listing emphasizes the Total Remix.
  8. I suppose there's no right or wrong answer really.. there's no video, they hardly ever performed it and it was only released in Scandinavia. Maybe some radio stations played the remix? I've always preferred the original myself.
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  9. Jenny created a Snow White costume for the live performances of Waiting for Magic. There’s a clip of it in their 1998 documentary.
  10. They performed it a lot actually. Granted it wasn’t like All That She Wants, but it was on their setlist a lot.

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  11. Sorry I meant mimed to on TV with the purpose of promoting the WFM single. Of course it would've been on the setlists of their early live tours but that wouldn't tell you much about which was the "correct" version.

    The VDM performance sounds closer to the Total Remix, but I suppose with that being the version on the re-released album that would make sense.
  12. Thanks for linking the documentary. Was a bit hard to understand them at first but midway I got to understanding. In saying that, what was Linn’s story on “All That She Wants”? Did she hate ”Mr. Ace” or did she hate the initial revision and then gave her input to result in the “All That She Wants” we know and love (which is still super influenced by reggae, hence my confusion as she said she didn’t like reggae).
  13. I actually prefer the Total Remix version. I usually always love the original more but I actually think the Total Remix improves it.

    Linn was identified as “a big fan of punk, particularly The Clash, and classical music, and hopes Ace Of Base’s next album will have a rougher, messier sound. ‘I’d like to be much more instrumental the next time. If I get another chance to make my own music again, I would do it in a much more experimental way.’

    Sad that never happened..the next album I think turned out to be Flowers..
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  15. 8:46

    It's only red red wine that is good? I have no idea what Malin is trying to say, but. hahaha.

    I do know that she absolutely hated Mr. Ace. I don't know if she hated the version we know or if there was a previous version that we haven't. As Claes puts it, Denniz Pop is really responsible for the Ace of Base sound. I just read Clive Davis' book. He's even more annoying than I remember. He actually said that they weren't interesting personalities and that he heard that one girl quit. I mean, I guess I should be thankful that he signed them as no one else was actually interested in the US, but still. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised when he's the same guy responsible for Milli Vanilli. Style over substance. Ace of Base would have fared way better today in our pro-independent artist atmosphere. "The Barn" could have been an independent label for them with distribution deals signed in different territories a la Robyn. I had a conversation with Jonas during The Golden Ratio era and pointed out that the label was doing nothing for them beyond taking a cut of whatever they were making. They weren't getting promoted. It's no wonder why people are releasing their work independently. Ace of Base could have easily signed with a PR firm. You can't rely on a label to do it. At least the internet has given artists more freedom.
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  16. You couldn't get poppier than THAT.
  17. Yeah, I watched the whole thing and was just super confused by what Linn was trying to say. I guess, from what you’re saying, she was talking about hating “Mr. Ace“ but “All That She Wants” is way more reggae than “Mr. Ace” and focuses entirely on her.

    Denniz Pop was gone too soon, the man made so many classics.
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  18. Rod


    She was saying that only "Red Red Wine" was a good-sounding reggae song in a major key, which the initial version of Mr. Ace / ATSW was, and then later changed thanks to Linn's input.

    BTW, I also like the "Total Remix" of WFM more but the original version is really good as well. I believe they started promoting that remix after it was completed which was around the time WFM was still fresh as a single. They debuted the remix in Riga 1993 concert and then went to perform it in Euro Disney and Patricia Boat in Sweden.

    Also, we found a few months ago a different edit of the Total Remix, more akin to the live performances of it:

    Waiting for Magic - Total Remix (TV Version)
  19. Thank you for explaining and thank you for the link!!!

    It’s amazing that Malin sat down for that interview and was very forthcoming. It was almost like her goodbye in a way, telling her side of everything. Sad. My god, could you imagine an autobiography from her? According to those in the know, she’s a big painter. I believe some of her works have been displayed publicly. It also seems that she goes by Malin Sofia Wennerberg as well. You know, I was wondering if she perhaps had been married to someone with the Wennerberg surname and kept it. I know it’s her mother’s maiden name but it’s a very common Swedish name. It’d be funny if the idea of her trying not to be found were a complete misunderstanding. That being said, however, we do have a document with her signing her name Sofia Wennerberg. Maybe she just wasn’t big on Malin? As has been pointed out - if you want to disappear, Sweden isn’t the place to do it. It seems the guy she’s living with is registered as her common law husband.
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  20. Ahh, thank you! I couldn’t understand bits of the first and second part and no matter how many times I replayed it I couldn’t make what she was trying to say. Wow, the absolute genius of Linn, she clearly knew best! Love it.
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