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Ace of Base - the original incarnation

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hudweiser, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Do you know what, I'm not so sure. Whilst having so many different labels in different territories probably made things difficult, I think at certain times they'd had some decent A&R and management involvement things might have been better, particularly in the later years.

    We shouldn't judge Clive Davis too harshly - if he hadn't insisted on bringing The Sign forward and adding Don't Turn Around and Living In Danger, they might never have become as successful as they did.

    If anything, the band could've done with some more advice and direction when it came to The Bridge. Clearly when that didn't go so well, labels wanted more involvement in Flowers/Cruel Summer.

    If they had one team around them with the right expertise and real confidence in the band, and just signed to the one major label round the world, maybe they'd have had a better relationship, maybe they'd have been more focused and just things could've run more smoothly.
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  2. Ditto. But I didn’t know the original version for years. I only had Happy Nation (US Version) and didn’t pick up a copy of the original album until the early 2000’s when I found it in a second hand music shop.
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  3. What Clive Davis was doing in the 90's was par for the course in the industry. He's very much representative of that era, and it just sucks for us that our favourite band experienced quite a bit of the dark side of that. I listen to this podcast called "And The Writer Is" -- it's all about hit songwriters and inevitably goes deep into how mainstream music and record labels have evolved over the past twenty years. Maybe the idea of Ace Of Base self-releasing new music (with or without Linn) isn't totally off the table. Jonas and Ulf both seem very interested in innovation.... When you're an artist, can you really step away from expressing yourself forever?

    Glad to hear Linn might be painting... I would just hope that after all of this she's content and happy.

    In regards to WFM: I still remember the first time I heard the original version. Jared (my website partner) recorded on cassette for me his copy of the Happy Nation album. The heavily filtered synthy intro to Waiting For Magic still pulls me in! When else has a deamy helicopter sound effect been used for an outro?? haha
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  4. I really don’t know about the 3 getting together, it would be a dream though. I think the RC was highly involved in ousting Jenny in 09/10. It all seemed pretty bad at the time. Is it possible they refused to release any new material with her involved? I’ve always thought there was more to the story than Jonas & Ulf just deciding to go with the new girls. If I remember correctly, the only way the RC was going to be involved going forward is if it was with 2 lead singers and Jenny rightfully wasn’t open to the idea of adding a new bandmate. Because of that she was basically forced out of the picture.

    Would be interesting to know what Jenny’s relationship with Playground and Ulf is like these days.
  5. I think the guys' version of events though is that it was just an idea, and they felt they had no choice but to plough on with new singers because Jenny was recording a solo album without them knowing. It's always seemed like six of one and half a dozen of the other to me. There seemed to be a total breakdown in communication.

    At least we know that it didn't completely destroy Jenny and Jonas' relationship. Whether they can work together again who knows.
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  6. Was My Mind ever released in any form that wasn't the Mindless Mix? I was always unsure why they tagged that as a remix, if there ever was an original version I've never heard it.
  7. No, according to Jonas they were tired of waiting for Jenny to finish her religious music/interests. She was holding them up. Jenny and Jonas and Ulf all made up.
  8. No, and according to Jonas there really isn’t another mix.
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  9. Jenny says that her dream is that all four of them reunite and perform on stage together for something some day but as time goes on that seems more and more unlikely.
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  10. Erm no no no? Clive Davis is really not responsible for Milli Vanilli. Milli Vanilli were created (scouted, signed, produced) by Frank Farian and were a thing in Europe for a while before releasing in the USA, Clive just happened to be head of the label Hansa records (their german label) were releasing all their album in the USA. So in a way exactly what happened with Ace Of Base. And like with Ace Of Base he suggested a few new tracks for the album release, like Blame It On The Rain, but that's where his input stops. They were not his creation like at all.

    Also Milli Vanilli were fantastic performers who were treated unfairlyl once they made literal millions for lots of people and their singles run is bulletproof but that's another story.

    Also what you're suggesting kind of happened already, Mega, their original / initial record label just licensed their first album to a different label in every country. Metronome on the UK, Barclay in France, Possum (lol) in Australia, Polygram in Greece and so on, most of the time getting really good money because All That She Wants smashing gave them lots to bargain with. Arista and Clive only jumped aboard later after the first few singles did well in Europe.

    Also a Robyn-style label just wasn't possible in the 80s or 90s, you needed big label money to manufacture even a few CDs, you couldn't book promo easily, your records would not get to record stores shelves etc etc. Robyn's label benefited greatly from the digital world.
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  11. Their po-faced Scando minimalism was their thing though - misread as “having no personality” I imagine by a label boss with too much of it - and juxtaposed nicely with bleak songs that had an upbeat reggae thread to them. ABBA and Roxette did the same thing (without the reggae, obvs).
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