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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBen, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Not on Youtube though, it's a HQ download on my website as shown on TOTP tonight. I was gobsmacked!
  2. Apparently, according to Swedish newspaper Expressen, Ace Of Base are reuniting to tour next year!! The tour will go ahead without Malin as she is still mad as a box of frogs. This has been the news I have longed to hear for quite some time as I was gutted that didn't see their gig in Belgium.

    Milky x
  3. Is Malin the Blonde one who got stabbed by her stalker then married him?
  4. No that was Agnetha from ABBA!!

    Milky x
  5. A German woman tried to hurt Jenny, yes. Not Malin.
  6. So what colour hair does Malin have? I thought jenny was the brunette one?
  7. Yeah, Malin is the blonde one and Jenny the brunette.
  8. thats a shame - I wanted to see what the blond one looked like. Flowers is one of my long time 'Guilty Pleasures' and I would love to see them on tour - but I havent a clue what Blondie looks like as she has etched her face out of every single picture in the photo / lyric book.
  9. Malin is the mad blonde one. Jenny is the not mad brunette one.

    Think the ABBA girls but 20 years younger and you are on the right track...

    Milky x
  10. [​IMG]

    That's Malin.. she looks like Jenny but with blonde hair. :)

    And neither of them is mad.
  11. Malin looks great in that picture.

    Milky x
  12. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Can't believe AcerBen still hasn't replied!
  13. This is the greatest news I've heard in years! Ace of Base are definitely my all-time favorite group (overtaking the Spice Girls after a lengthy battle).

    I'm highly doubtful that they will ever make it over here to America, though, so that part is sad. Plus the part about Malin being missing -- she was always my favorite bandmember.

    But mostly the news is awesome!
  14. I wish Linn would sort out her mental problems, it's been nearly 10 years. I guess she has unofficially left the band bar it not for the fact Jenny and Joker are her siblings and she still does a bit of studio vocals and lyrics.
  15. One year ago, Ulf Ekberg, 36, said, that the band is about to record new material, but there won’t be a new record release according to Jonas Berggren:
    - No, there are so many people who have an opinion about it in this process. That’s too much for me.
    But Ulf Ekberg is a little more hopeful.
    - Of course, it would be very nice with a new record next year and a world tour after the release. But we aren’t 20 anymore, says Ulf Ekberg and laughs.

    They seem to be communicating well lol

    This tour-thing is probably just a dream. They can't tour without new material. And without Malin? That's impossible.
  16. they're all fucking lazy bastards. It's been 4 years since the last one was released and they haven't even started the next one. What is the fucking point of doing a world tour without a new album? What the hell do they do in their everyday life? Sweet fuck all. It just pisses me off that they can't even be arsed to speak to their fans.
  17. do we know that they definitely havnt been working on new material?? i would be VERY surprised to see a "world tour" without new songs. it would fail miserably if that ever happened!!
  18. Steve

    Steve Guest

    I'm sure I read Jenny was recording a solo album somewhere - a Christian gospel album, I think. Did this ever come to light or was it just a rumour?
  19. To be fair, Da Capo wasn't a massive hit, so maybe they think there's not much point in releasing stuff when they can't reap the benefits of it. I would hate for one of my favourite bands to release a total flop album, it would tarnish my memory of them. Da Capo was a fantastic album though, so if they can improve on that they may have a chance, but only in Sweden and Germany and Europe, they've no chance in the UK...
  20. "da capo" was pretty much a flop album everywhere it was released. the singles did steadily worse too. i really liked the song "da capo" itself, shoulda been a single.
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