Ace of Base

You'll be able to tell what country it's from by the record label on the back. If it's just Mega it's Scandinavia. If it says Polydor as well then it's from somewhere else in Europe.
Couldn't get all the way through that. Sounds like the kind of cheap cover you get on those RunningTrax2K23 albums.

I was thinking more YouTube "DJ" with 300 subscribers that used a filtered acapella. Anyways, it's pure trash. Pure trash that I will gladly enjoy while you all stay wanting another baby over there!
I think that’s one of the worst remixes I’ve ever heard.

There are so many All that she wants remixes and they are all mostly rubbish. I don’t have much hope that any of the new ones will be better.

I wish Jonas and Ulf would make some of the new mixes as I think it would be more interesting to hear their take on 2023 versions of their songs.
It’s so disappointing. Back in their heyday they had so many great DJ’s remix their work not it’s the “DJ” of the week. They should be more selective with who they let remix their stuff.
Very this — I’m still waiting for an ATSW remix that’s as inventive, fun, and essential as the MADNESS VERSION.

In the words of Linn, All That She Wants is perfect, and I believe one of the interesting things about a perfect pop song is that it can be re-interpreted in a myriad of directions successfully. The magical ingredients are already there: vocals, melody, lyrics… the hard part’s done in a way! Just need vision.

I love dance remixes, but by now, after 3 decades, isn’t there room for remixes that are more in the realm of “alternate versions”? Ace Of Base feat. Clara did an acoustic of Life is a Flower in loving memory of a fan who passed away, and that version is gorgeous. Anna Pape’s Beautiful Life comes to mind as well.

Just a thought that’s been simmering for me for a while! I’ll always welcome new releases, whatever form they take… but it would’ve been quite the bonus if the presentation of these mixes felt more meaningful given the spectacular nature of The Singles Box. Who knows? Maybe they’re saving the best for last…
The Still young remix of all that she wants is out now. As expected it’s also rubbish. It just repeats the chorus over and over..