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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBen, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I think the choices of singles were not good. I think they should have released "Hey Darling" as a single.

    Milky x
  2. Different singles would not have helped. There are of course some great songs on "Da Capo," but they never had 'hit' written on them. "Hey Darling" is a bit weird for radio, and "Wonderful Life" would have put them in 'not another cover' territory. In reality, it was nowhere near the quality of previous Ace of Base albums to begin with, plus the group has a serious problem promoting things, undoubtedly because they don't seem to be on the same page (internally) about anything.

    I've sadly given up hope that anything else will happen with this group, though I could die a happy man if they just slapped together a collection of their demos in proper CD quality. Of course this alleged tour would be glorious as well.
  3. OK. Ace of base ROCK big time. always have, always will etc etc....

    Yes, DA capo was considered a flop, but hardly any promotion or enthusiasm reflected this.

    Malin has been in the background since the release of life is a flower, sings on albums is kinda there but not really. Yes they can and will probably tour without her! There are more than a few similarities to Abba. The blond ones shun the lime light, song titles, Sweden etc... Its almost uncanny....

    I personally am quite sad for Malin. The bridge was their best album IMO and showed they had depth and creativity but ultimately it didn't sell, so flowers and euro pop was re-established in flowers and maybe Malin is unhappy with this image?? Who knows?

    Ace of base are one big pop injustice. Never gonna say I'm sorry not being released here? Unspeakable could of rocked G.A.Y's video jukebox thats for sure... But then NO hey darling or wonderful life. I mean its not on...

    I fucking hate record companies most of the time. AOB like most people live their lives, whatever that may be. Its the record companies fault/problem they are not working at the moment, they honestly don't know what to do with them. Spending too much time pitching them like this or that instead of just getting on and releasing another single/album. I ams o frustrated to wait and wait and then only a selective release. The next single needs to be worldwide, whether people think it will work or not, just get the fucking music out there guys!
    Until then I shall wait, and hope for a tour to hit the UK shores...
  4. Ace of Base turn down MF
    Exclusive: Ace of Base: No to Sweden, Yes to UK

    Popular Swedish band Ace of Base will NOT be performing at Melodifestivalen 2007. This news has been confirmed to by the band's management. The band are focussed on an international path, and Melodifestivalen is focussed only on the Swedish market, so it would not make sense for them to participate. They are however keen to enter the Eurovision Song Contest, and the United Kingdom IS a possibility.
    Lasse Carlsson confirmed to that "We were offered the opportunity this year, and last year as well. We were sent some songs to review, and they were good, but not fantastic. It would be sad for the fans [of the band] and for the Group's history if we had accepted one".

    He went on to explain that "So many things need to be organised if Ace of Base were to enter Melodifestivalen. The strategy from Universal Music is for Ace of Base to release their music internationally and not to target the group solely at the Swedish market. We can't release something only in Sweden, and Melodifestivalen is solely about the Swedish market. If it was to be of interest to us, it would need to have a wider perspective. Remember that Ace of Bace were signed in Denmark, not Sweden".

    Asked about participating in another country, perhaps the United Kingdom, was told: "We would be very interested in entering from another country. We have not spoken to the BBC but having released so many singles in the United Kingdom with success. The United Kingdom would certainly be in our thinking".

  5. Ace of Base would be fab for the UK! So long as it's more like "Beautiful Life" or "The Sign" and not at all like "All That She Wants".

    They could be hyped as a new Abba and all the UK would vote for them!

    Mind you, isn't it Sony who organise Making Your Mind Up and only have acts that haven't already got a record deal? Presumably Ace of Base have got a record deal - although they haven't released anything in the UK for ages, so maybe they haven't??
  6. I don't think they are still signed in the UK...
  7. Update:

    It is rumoured the scissor sisters could go for the UK

    Esctoday immediately contacted the BBC for an official comment to find out if there is any truth in this story, which will be of huge interest to British Eurovision Song Contest fans. We have learnt that at this stage, no-one has been approached to write an entry for the 2007 United Kingdom national selection process.

    We asked Kevin Bishop of the BBC Entertainment Department if the rumours were true. He told us "No-one has yet been approached. We're not sure of the exact formula for next year yet".

    We also asked about Ace of Base and whether they would be involved. We were told 'We've talked to them before. They would certainly be of interest and we would definitely talk to them".

    From AoB manager on the official site:
    "To make some information cleared,
    In Swedish news papers there have been rumours the last two days about Ace of Base being a possible candidate for participating in the Swedish Eurovision song contest.

    This is not correct!

    There’s never been any official request from SVT (Swedish Television) if the band is interested to participate for Sweden in the Eurovision song contest.

    So to valuate if or what the band feel about a question they never received seems kind of stupid.

    Same thing about question about the UK!
    UK or I should say BBC has never requested the band to participate for them in the Eurovision song contest.

    Lasse Karlsson
  8. The only problem I foresee in this scenario is the live singing - does anyone recall their tone-deaf performance of 'Lucky Love' on TOTP a decade or so ago?
  9. Never mind the singing. It wouldn't happen because normally on the Eurovision stage there are no poles for Linn to hide behind.
  10. nope they've always been pretty rubbish live. Though Lucky Love on TOTP I thought was one of their best actually.

    It ain't gonna happen anyway, God I wish they'd hurry up and record something they're so LAZY
  11. From what I heard they are working on a fifth studio album (A5) but not sure if it will be released over here.......i know what you mean though...can't wait for new AoB material....I'm seriously lacking now!!! Bring on the Euro Pop.....gotta love it
  12. It will probably depend on whether it's any good. Polydor UK will still get first refusal.. they just thought the last album was rubbish and I couldn't convince them otherwise :( They were right though. But if AoB pull something out of the bag, you never know what might happen. I HOPE they don't do another dated europop album. I'd like them to either go cool electropop or do something MOR.
  13. one of the tabs has re-hashed the "New album 2007" story again and TV and radio reported on it. maybe SVT will offer them a wildcard again
  14. I agreed Da Capo was confused as to why they did that...even though the essence was to go back...but was a bad move. Hope they learn from their mistake.....
  15. Always Have, Always Will would've been brilliant for Eurovision.
  16. popknark

    popknark Moderator

    Are you sure cool electro-pop would work for them? Because let's face it, they will never be cool. "Da Capo" might've been dated, but it was still a really good album. "Unspeakable" and "Da Capo" in particular. I don't think they'll dare to be too experimental in order to get airplay on Swedish radio. The radio stations like Rix FM and Mix Megapol (the biggest ones) are very strict that the music has to be 100% pure commercial pop in order to get played, and Ace Of Base have always been that. I'll be surprised if they dare to risk that!
  17. Da Capo did have to grow on me....have to admit, but i do like it. Some good songs on there.....but coming from the Flowers album ad the bonus songs on the Single of the 90's.....was jus a bit disappointing for me I spose....cuz those are the songs i thought were the best of theres!!!!

    If they stay the same I'll still love em. But would be nice to hear them progress abit.
  18. Unspeakable is probably my favourite Ace of Base track of all time.

    And Ulf is still my God after all these years.
  19. Yeh unspeakable, beautiful morning, remember the words, wonderful life and hey darling are my favs off the album...and change with the light now!!! Like i sed...its grown on me now
  20. TheJoel

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