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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBen, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Pretty good! These mashup people are getting quite clever.
  2. Alfie

    Alfie Guest

    ''All that she wants is another baby, she''s gone tomorrow...''

    Do they mean she wants a one night stand, or an actual baby? This song has always confused me.

    Of course you can get a baby from a one night stand so I am confused even more.
  3. I heard it was a one night stand type baby...can''t remember where I read it though, but it does make more sense.

    Crap lyric though.
  4. Maybe she''s like that dirty cow in Heart''s ''All I wanna do is make love to you'' where she drives through the night, picks up some lad on the road, shags him, and then dumps him because she only wants him to get her pregnant. The girl in ''all that she wants'' may just keep shagging all different blokes until she gets pregnant.
  5. There was an article in Love It! magazine the other week about women who seduce men to get them pregnant then fuck off and never see them again. So it does happen!

    Very strange thing to sing about though.
  6. You read Love it magazine?! Were there no copies of Bella in stock?!
  7. Bella? I''m not made of fucking money. Love It is a bargainous 40p, on the weeks where they change the price to 60p I read the cover stories then leave it on the shelf.
  8. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

  9. I''m fairly sure she meant lover as opposed to a child
  10. It''s about an ex-girlfriend of Ulf from the band.

    Basically, Ulf was quite a ''clean-living'' man at the time and didn''t want to rush into sex with the girl, but she was extremely keen on him.
    Ulf was convinced that actually his girlfriend had a hidden agenda, and wanted to become pregnant for the second time - just so that she could claim the benefits. And hopefully the government would give her a bigger council house too.
  11. I hate it when girls only sleep with you for the handouts :-(
  12. That thread title got me so excited!

    But I''m not going to India to see Ace Of Base.

    Still, at least it means they''re open to touring again.
  13. This is just TOO funny. They might also be doing a concert in Russia.

    Why don''t they just do one in Antartica and have done with it? They would probably sell more records there.
  14. Ace Of Base: always a concert far away from you.

    Next: Fidji Islands, Afghanistan and Iraq!
  15. Ace Of Base were amazing but I thought they had abandoned the pop forum..Good to hear that they are back!! There were some very special pop gems on teh Flowers album ( Always Have Always Will, Life IS A Flower, Everytime It Rains) but then throw in Lucky Love, The Siggn and All That You Personally I think they got better with each album.

    I am actually surprised by how excited I am to hear their name mentioned again.

    We live in a freee world, i whistle down the wind..
  16. We have to go if they come to London!
  17. I can''t believe it''s been 9 years since they released a studio album in the UK. They just haven''t seem interested in a long time and Da Capo was generally lazy. Such a pity because i LOVED Flowers and Cruel Summer and Flowers UK Version!
  18. Da Capo, in hindsight, was shite. They are so incredibly slow at recording albums. I just wonder what the hell it is they DO all day long. But the last we heard an album is being lined up for Spring 2008. If they have any sense at all they''ll go back to being a bit retro like on Flowers, maybe make it a bit "adult contemporary" because the last album was pretty tacky.
  19. We will!

    If we can get tickets that is - I think Ace Of Base underestimate how popular they are on these shores, so I imagine the venue that they''d pick wouldn''t meet the demand for tickets.
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