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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBen, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Digital only - they re-released everything re-mastered
  2. I've never heard of this photo, can't have been her
  3. The remaster was just released digitally, which is frustrating because it sounds really great.
  4. Their label really have been pretty useless at making the most of AoB's catalogue. You'd think they could have put out some really nice deluxe editions on CD and they've done reasonably well. Or even their U.S. label Arista could've put out a 25 year anniversary edition of The Sign or something. And it annoys me that there's no AoB best of currently in print.
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  6. That's not Linn.
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  7. Not her.
  8. There were deluxe vinyls put out of the first three albums in Russia a few years ago. At least Jonas released nearly every unreleased track and we got Hidden Gems. Then we also got multiple takes of the songs through the Ace Boards. The only thing unreleased is Jenny’s version of Everytime It Rains. All the songs made by the AOB threesome in 2007 were also released (more songs were released in HQ on YouTube last year). Jonas and Ulf are reportedly writing a book. To me everything we got in the 2010s was sort of like a celebration of the band.

    There’s a photo of Jonas, his wife, Jenny and her husband and what looks like Linn with her head turned last Christmas on Instagram. It has to be a Linn as it’s the entire family and the woman (whose Instagram it is) is also in the photo. At least Jenny and Jonas have made up. Jonas confirmed Linn is no longer blonde.

    Linn’s home address is so easy to find on Google because Sweden is such an open society.

    Loving Ace of Base hanging on the wall.

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  9. I've got those vinyls but they were released by some Russian label, not Playground.

    We've been lucky to get a lot of demos released by Jonas - I'm just saying it's a shame that Playground haven't done more to exploit their back catalogue.

    There's a heck of a lot more unreleased stuff in the archives apart from Jenny's Everytime It Rains though. There's like 30 songs that we have titles for that have never been released, and that's just the ones we know about. It's a shame Jonas stopped talking to us and didn't continue with Ace Thursdays. Maybe one day.
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  10. Can I have those titles please?!!!!!!
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  11. My name's Jimmy and I ran the Perfect World / / The Hallo Boards a long time ago. I just wanted to say hi and that I'm happy to see some valuable fan discussion here! The Facebook groups for fans... They've lost something and I can't put my finger on it. (Perhaps I'm in the wrong groups!).

    The Christmas photo with the blurry ( "Linn" is nice to think it might be her, but after all these years I just have a feeling she's got a sophisticated way of preserving her privacy.... It'd seem strange for her to let that slip but who knows!
  12. I can’t imagine it not being her with how Jonas says she’s always there and the woman who owns the Instagram account is in the photo as well along with Jenny, her husband and Jonas and Birthe. I found this photo accidentally. Linn lives around the corner from Jonas and it’s Christmas... but we can’t know for sure until she turns around, damnit! What Jonas meant when he said we wouldn’t even recognize her if we saw her now, I have no idea. She has no children, is no longer blonde, and suffered from agoraphobia at one time, she also gets the spark to sing from time to time... this is all according to Jonas from 2010-2015.

    I was a member of your board. I miss it terribly.
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  13. I wonder what is going on with Jonas and Ulf? It was really good when they had Ace Thursday’s and posted demos. And why not a hidden gems volume 2?
  14. Ulf is in some new venture. His Facebook page says he went to Harvard business school for a degree a few years ago. He’s always working on something. His past came back to haunt him when he made a bid on something a few years ago. It was ugly. I think they did all they could do with the demos for a proper release. The other demos sound like demos and wouldn’t we really want to hear them in their proper form rather than all cleaned up and remixed in order to sound commercial?
  15. I honestly can't think of anyone in the pop culture realm of our generation that's more enigmatic than her. I don't even dare to hope that we'll ever see her again but I can't squint at anymore blurry photos of her. I think it hurts a little bit because a part of me just wants her to know her music, her art, was deeply appreciated by a great many. Imagine if they had ever recorded a sequel to THE BRIDGE, where the girls were heavily involved in the writing and sound again.... With ABBA reuniting decades later, maybe there's a chance and we're in the right timeline. :)

    I don't think we get enough credit as fans for how much we've gone through just to hold on!

    I have the fondest memories of those message boards. Thank you for saying that. Between THB, Teenage Heaven and The Cafe.... That was a special time. :)
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  16. Can anyone link to this blurry photo or is it on a private account?
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  17. How funny that the woman who wrote the lyric

    Your internet gateway through my world

    Seems to have no online presence.

    I have so much personalized signed stuff from Jenny, have had nice online chats with Jonas... we thought hell would have to freeze over before ABBA would ever record again and look what happened! Hell, Bananarama got back together, Shakespere’s Sister made up, Christine McVie reunited with Fleetwood Mac and so on. Never say never. I never understood bands thinking that fans will automatically demand that the group perform live. I guess they figure that labels will demand that as part of promotion and Jonas has already said that is out of the question with Linn. I just want to hear her voice again. I’m not dying to see her perform live. I’ve said this about Everything But the Girl. Just give us the tunes. Jenny recently said her dream is for all four of them to perform together on stage together again. She’s doing so many shows on stage as Ace of Base alone now. She said it’s finally dawning on her that it may never happen. This is going to sound grim but there was a time where I actually thought that perhaps a Linn wasn’t alive. I further speculated that when I learned the campaign the band and label came up with repeatedly to explain away her absence but not before proclaiming her comeback before each new album’s release. Jonas has also liked to bring up Linn’s involved to sell things like “Hidden Gems”. (“Linn’s involved!” “Linn’s upstairs!”)

    I was really to happy to see some evidence that she truly is still with us thanks to that signed document from last year. She should train others on how to avoid the spotlight for 16 years.
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  18. So is Linns name Sofia now?

    I really don’t see her ever performing again especially after been in hiding for so long. Why would she want to give up her normal life she has now.

    I remember a few years ago Jonas said something about he had a message from Linn ( I cant remember what project it was for, Hidden Gems or All that she wants anniversary?) but that never came out unfortunately.
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