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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBen, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Sofia Wennerberg. Her family doesn’t call her that though.

    Honestly, I don’t know what her finances are like. Could money be incentive enough for her to record again? She was literally still recording in 2005 because they were still under contract. She didn’t mind the studio stuff. I think she went back and forth on it. The Lapponia thing was the final straw for her and she had a boyfriend at the time that was also a bad influence on her, basically encouraging her to walk. She has a boat and takes Jonas’ kids out on it. She has a small house. I don’t think Jenny and Linn got the same amount of money that Ulf and Jonas did but I could be wrong. It’s split four ways mind you and Swedish tax is high. I don’t know if Linn has a business or a job to support herself. “The Sign” was just used in an episode of the new “90210” so there are still royalties coming in.
  2. Love In December is finally on streaming services after I let Playground know it wasn't there.

  3. I really wish one of the songs from Singles of the 90s had been released in the U.K. (preferably not C’est La Vie).
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  4. Your power!
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  5. Ben you're incredible! LOVE IN DECEMBER is the reason I figured out how to use Local Files on Spotify, to then transfer to my mobile Spotify for listening / working out...! I've since created elaborate playlists for all of the demos and alternate mixes still unavailable.

    It even got its own album! Just beautiful...
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  6. On some of the podcasts I've listened to (RuPaul's What's The Tee, Vox's Switched on Pop, etc), they've discussed royalties and what it means to have even just 1 hit song in the US that you share a number of points on (vocals / writing / production). It can be very lucrative for many years down the line. The band had several hit singles, and certainly A1 and A2 did very well by today's sale standards.... And that's just the US alone. I suspect with some prudence Linn could be set up for life!
  7. Believe it or not, I think their earnings are public record. I think Linn made like over a hundred thousand, below the two grand level a few years ago. I don’t know if that’s before or after taxes. I don’t know how she lives, modestly or whatever. Her house looks very small from the outside. She doesn’t have kids so. I mean that kind of change ain’t bad for work you did decades ago.

    Jonas and Ulf have a bunch of kids to support and Jenny works a lot. Linn really only has to support herself.
  8. All four members are listed in the credits of Camila Cabello's latest release, "Liar". Did anyone know about this? Apparently the song samples "All Night Long" (Lionel Ritchie), but I wonder if somehow wires got crossed with AOB's All Night Long (demo)....

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  9. I think it's because it's basically an Ace of Base production lots of similarities to All That She Wants, although doesn't sound like a proper sample, so strange, but nice they would credit them to begin with (sort of I guess like Taylor and Right Said Fred)
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  10. Gold album coming in October
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  11. It's definitely a nice gesture credit, as lots of tracks sound like that for decades now.
  12. Hmmm. Made me look up the Greatest Hits collection from 2008. Just discovered The Sign Freedom Bunch Mix which I now need in my collection.
  13. I think this was to avoid comparisons and what happened with Ed Sheeran (Shape of You vs No Scrubs). Kinda cool!

    ACE OF BASE GOLD isn't available for pre-order on Canadian Amazon... :-\
  14. Comes with Hidden Gems. Both CD and Vinyl.

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  15. Too bad it’s not the iTunes version of the track list (with “Lucky Love 2009”) but a great deal IMHO.
  16. I was just about to ask if this meant all four 2009 versions were included.
  17. The vinyl doesn’t come with Hidden Gems, I don’t think, but that already got a vinyl release.

    To my knowledge, Da Capo and The Golden Ratio didn’t get vinyl pressings, right?
  18. Hurrah! I've been asking the likes of Demon for ages to do an AoB best of. Hope to finally see them back on the shelves of HMV.
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  19. Yeah just the first three. I think the Russian label that released the first three has closed down too.
  20. But where is Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry?

    5 discs for £5.99 though. Is this some sort of mistake?
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