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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBen, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. That's wonderful to see. I wonder how many of us anxiously probed record stores over the years looking for AC/DC knowing Ace of Base was somewhere in the vicinity....haha!
  2. Mine's been delivered. Admittedly I bought it mostly for Hidden Gems, but a sale's a sale!
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  3. I wonder if it's going to do better or worse than Five Star's Gold which is #43 this week
  4. Me!!!!
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  5. At least this will signal to the music industry that the public is still interested in them. Did they mention this release on their official Facebook page??
  6. Never mind, they did.

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  7. Billy Steinberg commenting on a post dance artist Amber made of a photo of her and Jenny, regarding the recording of ETIR.

    (I was deep in the hashtags on IG when I found this!)

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  8. They cut it? What did Jenny sing instead then? Maybe Claes knows.
  9. "Cut it" to songwriters means it was recorded. So Steinberg was having a chuckle at the fact that the song was recorded regardless of the protest on the lyric. What he didn't know was Clive Davis forced Linn to record it as-is, with little room for negotiations....
  10. I think Jenny originally recorded it but Clive then forced Linn to record it.
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  11. This is true. I think Jenny's version was a bit rockier but Mega Records loved it. It was Clive Davis that demanded that the "blonde one" do it. Malin was extremely upset, but agreed to do it. She traveled to go record it, and told the producers that they would only get one take. That's all she would do. It's pretty amazing that she gave arguably the best vocal performance of her career in just one take. Claes Cornelius (Mega Records) who has leaked a lot of the demos he had laying around, has said he doesn't exactly know where the Jenny version is at. He did a guitar demo to give fans a taste of what it actually sounded like. I think he had another artist cover the song and it was more in line with Jenny's version - I think. It was more upbeat or faster according to him.
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  12. When Jared and I were fully into our fansite, Perfect World / THB / -- Claes was a HUGE resource during that time before FLOWERS and DA CAPO as we were drip-fed little bits of news. When I'm over on the Sugababes thread, I get so much PTSD anxiety when those fans joke about the word "soon". I dare say they've waited longer than we ever had to but it's still so punishing as a fan!

    People like Claes were amazing -- I hope he's doing well! I used to have him on Facebook, I think...
  13. I’m friends with him on there, too. I think he’s still on the AceBoards.

    Ace of Base PL is apparently releasing their own collection of demos, Hidden Gems II soon. They also have a big message board.
  14. My account on TAB is long gone and it was a real challenge trying to get it back so I gave up. Is there much going on over there? Ace Of Base PL is doing a great job -- I just wish they'd reach out to other fans for help with the coverart of HG2! Would be fun to have a little contest.
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  15. When the Ace Boards switched over to tappatalk, it was really confusing. Somehow I managed to do it. There’s not a ton of activity, but that’s not really shocking. There isn’t much going on at the moment. I’m not a member of the PL boards. I just found out that they had one.
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  16. What is TAB and PL in regards to the last few posts?

    Perhaps I'm having a blonde moment, but I can't seem to figure it out.
  17. TAB - The Ace Boards
    PL - Ace of Base PL (Poland)
    Two of the remaining Ace of Base boards.
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  18. The final chart figures are in! Gold sold 1,728 copies on CD & vinyl to debut at #59 on the official albums chart.

    It was rather hampered by not being available to download or stream (because of course Playground own the digital rights worldwide). It is actually #11 on the old-school "physical sales" chart and #15 on the "sales" chart (which also includes downloads, but not streams).

    To put into perspective, the #1 album by Elbow sold 27,257, the #10 sold 5,197, and the #40 sold approx 2,200 copies.

    And it got a brief mention by chart guru Alan Jones in industry magazine Music Week

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