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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBen, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I think we should all go to India together as a popjustice outing.

    It could be like when the cast of skins went to Russia but with less gay sex.
  2. Wasn''t Da Capo released in 2002, 5 years ago?

    It was such a dissapointment. There''s only a handful of tracks I still listen to today, but there was only really one song on there that was as amazing as a lot of their previous work - the mighty Unspeakable!
  3. Unspeakable sounds so dated now. I just hope they have "evolved musically" by the time the new album comes out.
  4. Remember The Words sounds good on the right speaker system. I like the dramatic backing track. But the second best thing to come from Da Capo was the demo for Come To Me.
  5. I think we should include the gay sex actually!
  6. Come To Me should have been the first single! Can''t believe they left it off altogether
  7. I''m listening to Ace of Base all the time at the moment! It''s hard to believe almost since The Sign was the first single I bought and the American The Sign album was my first CD.

    Anyways, it''s the girls vocals that do it for me - I love how on Dr Sun the vocal just treacles and Never Gonna Say I''m Sorry is very similar in that respect. I actually think Da Capo is their most consistent album - Unspeakable is a soaring highlight, but the title track is getting blasted out my car on the motorway almost daily. If C''est La Vie (Always 21) was on it, the record might not have seemed so lacking in a big single.

    I do agree, Beautiful Morning was quite trite, but it''s still nice. The explanation behind the songs are sometimes inadvertantly quite funnly - like when Jonas read "advertures in paradise" would be a good song title, did he wake up one day and think "oh, shit, write that down. It is a beautiful morning!" Flowers is definately my favourite album, it''s so hard to pick out just 1 song as a favourite, but only I Pray gets skipped.

    I do get puzzled by Linn though - is she trying to carve out some sort of niche as the Euro-pop Nico or something? I know, I do get it, but she was so beautiful and vibrant in the early days - I used to find Jenny really intriguing but I wish they wouldd ''switch'' again or at least have equal billing as lead vocalists. And, Ulf, I still would.
  8. Mine too! My first album actually.

    With Linn, she basically aksed to take aback seat with the Flowers album because she got very scared when that madman broke into the Bergren household and stood over Jenny with a knife as she was sleeping. I think she just wanted to shy away from the limelight then.

    I imagine she''s over that now though.

    And I concur with the Ulf lust!
  9. It was a bad woman who broke into theor house. A german fan actually. haha

    Flowers is my fave album, closely followed by The Bridge.
    Flowers has such a variety of song. And the b-sides were ace (pardon the pun) as well!
  10. I think there was more to it than that because that happened in 1994 and it wasn''t until the third album she disappeared into the background. Maybe we''ll never know the real reasons.
  11. Was Come To Me really that good then - where can I get both versions?
  12. What?! No-one likes The Bridge, then? What about hypnotic Whispers In Blindness? Or epic Ravine? There is one song on that album that I still can''t ''get'' (doesn''t mean that I don''t like it) - Wave Wet Sand. How the Aces have managed to make a love song sound so hopeless and sad, I''ll never know. It''s a masterpiece. Oh, and what about Experience Pearls? Isn''t that the most beautiful song EVER? It''s so touching, especially the ''Love me the way that you loved her... Please!'' bit.
  13. God, I ADORE Flowers! He Decides is fantastic! And who could ever forget the brilliance of Don''t Go Away and its amazing middle-8 bit?
  14. I love The Bridge too, it''s just that Flowers is a flawless pop album and is always the one I think of when I think of great Ace Of Base albums.

    Blooming 18 was probably my favourite non single from The Bridge.
  15. Don''t Go Away was the album''s biggest surprise for me!

    On The Bridge I just love Blooming 18, it''s got their most bleeding melody and those piano keys are just lush. I don''t have that jangly version of Lucky Love but pay day is looming and as it''s my first whole months wages of the year I think I''ll blow it in a week such is my current list.
  16. ooh yes it''s one of my favourite middle-8s ever. It''s exactly the sort of song I believe they should be doing now. They have to aim themselves at an older audience now.
  17. I love Ace Of Base. I agree Flowers was a great album, although the US version was better except the US version of "Life Is A Flower". "Whenever You''re Near Me" was no where near as good as "Life Is A Flower."

    Their last album was really good, but they released the wrong singles in my opinion. The stomper "Da Capo" should have been a single. The groove version of "Beautiful Morning" should have been the single mix. They also should have promoted the album a bit more than they did.

    I still believe in this group, I just wish they wouldn''t take so long between albums and promote them a bit more.
  18. As mentioned before, Don''t Go Away is a pop gem. Jenny (singing) & Ulf (writting/producing) at their best! I miss Ulf''s songs and it seems his involvement in the making of the music has seriously decreased from an album to the other. A shame!
  19. Indeed. It was very odd that he was so enthusiastic about promoting the last album when he had only written one of the songs on it.
  20. I guess they still have fans in one country
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