Ace of Base

Sadly Ray and Anita will never work with each other again. I''d love to see them as I was too young the first time around. *sad face*
I like Ace of Base and I''m glad they''re still doing stuff together but at the end of the day, they are atrocious live performers. Linn was always the best live vocalist. I just had a rummage through their live stuff on Youtube and while it was difficult to find real live vids without any miming, all of Linns songs were excellent. Jenny is terrible live.
Yeah Linn was always the more talented one. However Jenny has had *a lot* of vocal training in the last ten years and she''s been singing churchy songs on television etc. She''s also been doing that ABBA orchestra tour in Sweden.
OK, here''s another gem: Voulez-Vous Dancer. I like all their techno songs (for example, Hear Me Calling), but Voulez-Vous Dancer was just perfect. Linn is an amazing vocalist, I miss her so much!
Well for those that are interested, they''ve announced more concerts. St. Petersburg on the 17/11, and Copenhagen on 23/11. They''re planning a concert tour of about 10 dates.

I''m honestly hoping they do something later in the year so I can come up from Australia (hopefully to London!!). My dream would be to see them do (at very least) a performance at g-a-y.

I''m excited about the concert. I don''t think they''d do them if Jenny couldn''t sing the lead on the songs. They''re not going to let it sound ropey for a whole tour, they''ll get panned.

And I''d like to add myself to those that adore Don''t Go Away. The biggest missed opportunity ever. That could''ve angled the Flowers album for a whole new demographic and done them wonders!
I was out around newcastles gay scene last night and i was surprised to hear a great new remix of "life is a flower" being played, and even more surprised to see the whole place packed full of people singing and dancing along to it?!?
The A of the B are doing a mini-tour at the moment (sans Linn, naturellement) and they've done a literally mind-blowing new version of their first hit "Wheel Of Fortune", which you can listen to here.

I think they're putting this on a new remixes album to come out next year so I don't know whether Jonas actually came up with this himself, but if either way, I hope the next album sounds like this. It is kinda electro, but still sounds like the classic early AoB sound. And those strings! The vocals aren't very loud in this live version so you'll have to imagine a bit... but the backing is amazing n'est pas?


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Great! The song sounds very 'now 'all of a sudden!
Can't wait for a full electropoppy Ace Of Base album!
Oh My God!!!!

They need to come to our shores if just for one date!!!

Would love to see a ace of base concert!!!!

And electro!!!???? awesome
Shame on me for turning my nose up at reading the news before reading the actual post - it does feel like they could be exploring new sounds, can't wait for a new album that has to get a UK release. Their big hits are remembered fondly and more singles should have been plucked from their seminal Flowers.
They are planning to visit more countries in 2008 so there's a chance they'll do a gig in the UK. Even if it's G-A-Y. There must be enough fans for them to a proper gig though, even if it's small.

I reckon if they're enjoying their current mini-tour it will give them the motivation to get a bloody move on and make more of an effort than they did with Da Capo.
Pics from Russia




I'm so excited about this! Love the rewored versions of the songs and they seem to put so much energy into it for a change!
Woah,she looks amazing!!!!!!Wheres the other one?She should just go it alone with the blonde guy really. . the link is broken btw!
I have their album 'The Collection' buts its only okay - whats there best one?


Their music sounds like Rachel Stevens Come and Get It album...mainly 'Crazy Boys'

they look like shit too


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tatufan said:
Woah,she looks amazing!!!!!!Wheres the other one?She should just go it alone with the blonde guy really. . the link is broken btw!
I have their album 'The Collection' buts its only okay - whats there best one?

If you like 90's eurodance The Bridge/Happy Nation's the one, my fave is The Bridge which was a bit 'darker' and more mature..
And then there's flowers, also a great poppy album combining all kind of genres and influences, from motown-esque to dancey..
The forums' very own Milky went to the Copenhagen leg of the tour last night (and no doubt he performed as the support act).

I really hope that they come to London. There IS demand.